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Has anyone else been locked out of the "Is 'High-End audio a scam?" thread?

Discussion in 'Sound Science' started by steve eddy, Jul 10, 2012.
  1. Steve Eddy
    The thread hasn't been locked, yet when I try and access it, it says I don't have sufficient permissions. But if I log out, I can access it just fine (though can't reply as you have to be logged in to a registered account).
    Has anyone else been similarly locked out?
  2. arcticears
    I have just been over on that thread and I had no trouble.  I am logged in and went right to it.
  3. Steve Eddy
    Thanks. And of course others have posted to it since I tried accessing it.
    Don't know why I seem to have been singled out.
  4. anetode
    You were probably trying to access a post that had been deleted. There was some pruning a little while ago and I think one or two of your posts along with one of mine was removed. When you log out it reloads the thread as it is after the deletions. Not locked out per se, but certainly not a welcoming gesture.
  5. Steve Eddy
    Nope. Can't access anything in that thread. Can't go to any specific post, can't go to last unread post, can't access any of the individual pages, can't even enter the thread at the top.
    I've been singled out and locked out.
  6. anetode
    Wow, congrats! And there I thought you were taking time to politely explain null testing in a sound science thread.
  7. Steve Eddy
    Well I did respond "jcx is a wise man" in response to kiteki whining that jcx doesn't read his posts anymore.
    That warrants being completely locked out of the thread?
    The Powers That Be here never cease to amaze me.
  8. Perhaps try contacting Currawong?  There can always be more innocuous explanations, although the conspiracy theorist in me is already rummaging through my "torch and pitchfork" walk-in closet.
  9. Steve Eddy
    I sent a PM to kwkarth to see if he can get an answer for me. Haven't heard back yet.
  10. stv014
    Wise indeed, I decided the same way long ago [​IMG]
  11. Steve Eddy
    Though I didn't start this thread to talk about kiteki.
    I'm just wondering why, in a thread asking if high end audio is a scam, HeadFi has chosen to lock out someone who's been involved in the high end audio industry for nearly 30 years.
    I've not been locked out of any other thread on HeadFi that I'm aware of. Only that one.
    Strange indeed.
  12. billybob_jcv
    That thread has been strange from the start!  Personally, I think the entire thread should have been left in the off-topic forum - that way we could have continued with wild meanderings about different components and car analogies.  I knew that as soon as it was transferred to the Sound Science forum there was going to be trouble.
    BTW, I'm not locked out - yet...
  13. sridhar3
  14. bigshot

    I don't think my permission is sufficient, but just in case it is, you've got it!
  15. Steve Eddy
    Why thank you, kind sir! [​IMG]

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