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Hardest boss fight ever!

Discussion in 'Video Games Discussion' started by Wretched Stare, Sep 27, 2019.
  1. Wretched Stare
    What boss fight in any game did you find to be one of the hardest you've ever faced. For me it has to be dark souls 2 to the fume Knight.
  2. tdockweiler
    Surprised there has been no replies to this thread.
    For me it has been dancer of the boreal valley in Dark Souls 3.

    On my first playthrough it took me maybe 20 tries.
    I just could not get her attack patterns down.
    Then the camera was kind of frustrating.
    During the last phase I had to hide behind pillars during some attacks.
    I'm so terrible at fighting her that I usually don't bother until level 70!

    On my second playthrough I got her on the first try, but just barely.

    It's weird how I can go through nearly every other boss without any major problems.
    Even the Pontiff fight is no problem for me. I just have to be very aggressive when I fight him and not focus too much on defense.
    I can actually win that fight most times by just spamming the R1 button (and dodging a lot).

    The final boss also gave me a lot of problems too.
    Took 20 or more tries on the first playthrough. Thought it was impossible at first.
    I later found out it's sometimes best to not fight him much during certain phases that give you problems.
    The pike phase always gave me problems.

    PS it's funny to think how hard Dark Souls 1 was during my first try.
    The Gargoyles fight made me fling my controller more than once!

    Ornstein and Smough was also a VERY frustrating experience.

    These days I really can't stand Dark Souls 1 anymore.
    It's too slow paced and the controls are much worse than DS2 and 3.
    The level designs are only really good in a few levels.
    And who actually likes playing past Anor Londo? Not me!
    So many terrible level designs at the end of the game.
    Last edited: Nov 11, 2019
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  3. pikapika
    You guys might not take me seriously, but I had trouble with Kingdom Hearts. The final main boss, mystery guy and boss at Colosseum. I still need to beat the two extra bosses. :sweat:
  4. Poganin
    Ebrietas in Bloodborne.
    But the boss fight that left me the most frustrated and cursing out loud was the final boss in the Xbox 360 Conan. The rage.
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  5. havenglory
    I actually completed all the upgrades and finally beat Sephiroth in the colosseum :D.
    The final boss (main story) became severely outmatched! HAHAHA
  6. br3wsk1
    Dark Souls 3, The Nameless King by far
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  7. pikapika
    nice lol! I really wanted to get the ultimate blade, and up my character, but I decided not to spend the extra 20 hours on the game. I also bought Kingdom hearts 2 and 3, but I haven't play those yet. I will get to it though!
  8. Orcworm
    The Orphan of Kos in Bloodborne's DLC really took me by surprise since it was so aggressive - all the more satisfying when I finally managed it though.

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