Gustard X22 DAC

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by mtoc, Nov 3, 2017.
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  1. allhifi
    OR, you could have said it originally ... " Simply say something like: "I don't think the sound at 100 hours is significant,"

    But you chose (pompously) not to ?

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  2. allhifi
    And finally DB-1: " ...I look forward to reading your white paper on "break-in dynamics"

    I suspect you know a thing or two about white-paper dynamics within the nearest available water-closet.

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  3. Byang
    Level 1 mod for x22 performed,
    After 8 hours p
    Much quieter

    Dynamic and speed is amazing now

    Layers and focusing now is better than any dac i have listened so far.male Voice now snap in.

    High frequency now is sweet, but still not as silky as level 2 modified oppo 205.
  4. allhifi
    Mod's (to X-22) ?

    You know, I received my X-20PRO just yesterday -pop'd off the top (gently) ...and peeked inside. To my amazement was the absolute micro-architecture of its internal components -I suspect this would be the 'look' of any modern DAC.
    In any case, making "modifications" to such micro-circuits is a recipe for disaster; one would require advanced tools, machinery and without question some major magnification to see anything !

    Words of wisdom .." stick to stock".

    P.S. For those that may 'visions' of 1970's gear (and messing with its design/parts), it ain't the same as twenty-first century (digital) circuits -particularly of today.
  5. allhifi
    Hi peteg: How is the X-22 settling in ? (A PM is fine -if you have some spare time)

    (I received my X-20pro yesterday (Clk =Normal, Filter = Apodizing) and am enjoying some really impressive (layered, dimensional) sound.
    Sound-stage dimensionality is impressive; Top/Bottom, Left/Right, Tonality = natural/analog like. I note it is 'sensitive' to power cord choice.)

  6. allhifi
    DBB1: It's nice (and sensible) to hear successive models better than previous. I'm not sure how the Oppo 'Sonica' DAC would stack up, but whether the X-20pro, X-22 or LKS-004 ($800/$1,100/$1,400 US$) is chosen, I suspect one will be delighted. I believe the Gustard X-22 will be worth the extra $300. (if purchasing new).

  7. peteg
    My X22 is sounding very good now. The highs are extended and accurate but still smooth, mid/mid-bass has lots of body. The only problem, I had to send in my preamp In for an upgrade so l'm using the X22 directly to the amps and with the remote it works great but I do miss my preamp.
  8. DBB1
    This is a very good point on use of a pre-amp or going direct into the power amp when evaluating a DAC. As we all know, part of the quality of the sound of the DAC is dependent on the rest of the system. If the DAC and power amplifier are compatible (good impedance match?), it might sound better with no pre-amp. My own experience, like yours, is that the DAC sounds better in my system when my pre-amp is in the chain. In some cases spending the same money on a pre-amp upgrade may produce better results than a DAC upgrade. It’s a continuing experiment. I am wondering if a better pre-amp is more cost effective for me than upgrading my Gustard X20 pro to the Gustard X22.
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  9. allhifi
    Fantastic. I'll bet it continues (to settle) for the next 5-7 days. Try turning unit On/Off (for 10-20 minutes) to expedite break-in.

    For sure, a preamp is often an indispensable contributor to performance.

    Thanks for sharing.

    P.S. What Clk (Clock) and Filter setting do you use/prefer ?
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  10. allhifi
    DBB!: In answer to your last question, there's a modest price difference between a (new) X-20/X22 ($250. US$?).
    I'm not confident that kind of money (difference) could yield any significant preamplifier gains.

  11. DBB1
    It would be more than $250 because I would have to sell the X20 pro I own now at a discount. It is used. The net difference in money would probably be around $500 or a little more. This would be expensive if the improvement was tiny. Possibly I could get a bigger improvement by upgrading a my preamp, but this would not be cheap either. Yes, upgrading the preamp would be more expensive, but it might also make a bigger improvement. As I said, our hobby involves experimentation.
  12. allhifi
    I was thinking that (selling at less than retail). However, in the $800. (US$) range used, Cambridge Audio's " 840-E " 2008-2013? is a wonderful, highly under-rated preamplifier/line-stage (no internal phono option).
    (The successor (and current) "851-E" uses an inferior volume attenuation device (possibly a simple "Pot", Cambridge is not forthcoming when asked) to its predecessors resistor/relay (1.0 db. step) arrangement.)

    P.S> Forgot to ask, What are you currently using (for preamplifier) ?
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  13. DacBuddha
    I would like to say hello and let you all know I stumbled upon your forum when randomly searching reviews etc on a new DAC. I am new to the forum thing, this is my first one joined in 10 years, as I was so impressed with your knowledge and angle that you all helped me to upgrade from my 27yr old Cyrus DACMaster to the Gustard X22 which is due to be with me by the 5th Feb.
  14. allhifi
    DB: Hello -and welcome. Though I'm not sure I've been here long enough to extend the welcome, I take the opportunity to do so anyway ! lol

    My, my, 1990, that takes me back (sadly) to the days of disappointing digital sound (and that's being gracious).
    Perhaps not your set-up, but in general -those were sad, sad, days. But not anymore !

    Congratulations on your recent purchase -I believe a wise choice selecting the X-22 (Gustard). I very recently acquired the X-20pro, removed the top plate (that is both 1/8" think and weighs 703 grams/ 1.8.8 Lbs. ! itself) to discover a fit-n'-finish commensurate with those lovely photo's showing the neatly arranged and executed circuit design(s).

    It stands to reason that the X-22 will be clearly (in meaningful, audible ways) superior than the X-22pro; each subsequent model has received glowing comments and noted improvements over its predecessors. But, February 5 (2018) ! Why so long a wait ?

    In any case, today's DAC's are light-years ahead of those from the turn of the 21-st century, let alone 10-years earlier -you should love your new DAC.
    (Remember to 'sample' the available Digital Filter options - Clk (Clock) set to 'Normal'; Auto the other option (x-20pro).

    You may/not realize this, but a certain length of 'run-in time' (from when new) is required before the internal parts "settle". I believe the 200 hour mark is the consensus for the X-20 pro; the X-22 may in fact require a bit less due to its more streamlined circuit architecture.

    Look forward to hearing your initial impressions once received.

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  15. mtoc
    give the USB input a try, that's what people told me, and set the digital vol to -1 or -2 dB
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