Gustard X22 DAC

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by mtoc, Nov 3, 2017.
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  1. peteg
    If I'm lucky next week, I'm using a Yggy for PCM and X20 for DSD. I wanted something a little bit better for DSD so it came down to X22 or Holo Cyan DSD (has to have II2 input) I picked the X22. I really do like the Gustard sound.
  2. peteg
    They are shipping now. My previous Gustard took a few hundred hours of burn-in to smooth everything out, X22 does sound smooth out of the box but I'll let it play for a week or so.[​IMG]

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  3. mtoc
    @peteg have you tried the USB input on the x22?
  4. peteg
    No, I'm using IIs input (X22) and AES/EBU (yggy).
  5. Liu Junyuan
    How does it compare to Yggy so far?
  6. peteg
    Too early to tell, it would be pretty hard for it to be better on PCM.
  7. Byang
    initial listening impression: extended bottom, middle high little too much, and as most un-modified dac, high frequency are not silky compare to tube sound. Comparing to modified oppo sonica dac, wins lowest bottom and a better defined upper middle, losing high end and lower middle. also much noisier and less focusing when playing male voice recordings.

    Will perform same modification as I did for oppo sonica dac when I got parts shipped and report improvements.
  8. allhifi

    Some very nice gear -and equipment rack; it's one of te better ones avaialble regardless of price. I notice the Schiit perched upon (what appears to be) a secondary 'glass' shelf/support. Reason ?

    Thanks for sharing -nice pic.

    I'll bet X-22 "settles" within the 200-hour mark; I'd recommend to bring it up to 'operating temp' , shut-down (for 20-minutes), fire up again/re-start, and repeat for first few days. This will expedite the 'burn-in' time.

    Looking forward to your impressions after burn-in.


  9. peteg
    I always preferred isolation and vibration control for my dac's, Yggy is no exception (Vibrapods).

    Only a little over 100 hours (X22) it sounds very good (PCM & DSD) using the digital filters (7) gets the sound close to the Yggy, but to my ears the Yggy is the PCM champ. Playing DSD on the X22 is better and smoother than X20 or Oppo 205 I'll give it a couple hundred more hours and sit down for critical listening.

    Just a side note: if I would turn-off the Yggy for a few days and then compared it to the X22, the Gustard would sound better. The Yggy can be very finicky but when everything is right it's a great dac.
  10. DBB1
  11. DBB1
    Interesting. It seem to me that the X22 is disappointing after 100 hours since I've read comments where the x20 and x20 pro was beating the Yggy. I'm looking forward to the next installment.
  12. peteg
    We all have different systems and ears, in my audio set-up I prefer the X22 over my X20. Like I said if the Yggy isn't in a ideal set-up yes the Gustard will sound more pleasing.
  13. tauceti
    off topic question: But will there also be A22h updated version of the A20h?
  14. rafabro
    I have the same impression. Yggy shouldn't be challenge here. But this could be the consequence of to much simplifying circuit design and some poor components I mentioned before...

    First modded X22 will tell a lot more.
  15. DBB1
    I have progressed through the recent Gustard model DACs. First the x12, then the X20, and now the X20 Pro. Each was a clear improvement over the last. It would be disappointing if the X22 was a step side-wards. I am now thinking the next might be the X22 or the more expensive LKS audio MH-DA004. I will look forward to a comparison of the latter two at some point. I was hoping the X22 was at least equal to the LKS MH-DA004. That would make it a good value.
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