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Gustard A20H DAC (Dual AK4497EQ, analog preamp, headphone amp, all in one)

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by mtoc, Sep 3, 2016.
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  1. Aradea
    for anyone that has tested the amp section of the A20H, is it any good? Dynamics, tonal, speed, etc..
  2. runssical
  3. allinhead
    Hi guys
    Do you have driver problème ? My unit was ok in the begening but after few weeks
    the sound stoped sometimes and i have to swich off on the dac.
    but now my driver dont work at all.
    when i open the driver : in the list there is vendor : it s valide from 1/08/2015 to 1/08/2017
    is it the reason my driver dosen t work ? and what could be the solution ?
  4. Ysound
    I have a Little Dot MK5 and listening to A20H directly is not as musical as thru the Little Dot.
    A little bright and bass is not well define when listening directly thru the A20H.
  5. abartels
    Did you run it for at least 150 hours???
    Ysound likes this.
  6. Ysound
    Yes, I have a good 200+ hours with it.
    First time listening directly to it was even worse.
    Its has gotten better, but I still prefer the Little Dot behind it.
  7. Ysound
    Being a just DAC, it's really good. Amazing details and sound stage.
  8. allinhead
    what is your headphone ?
  9. Ysound
    AKG 701
  10. Zenifyx
    I just ordered one of these off Taobao using a forwarder (cheaper than shenzhenaudio by quite a bit, especially where I live)
    Looking forward to when it arrives. =D
  11. SeeSax
    Sadly I think I'm having an issue with mine. I use the balanced XLR output and the left channel has become extremely noisy. I hear static during quiet parts of the tracks and it happens on many different IEMs I've tried. This kind of worries me.

    So my question: could this be a noisy input? I'm using USB, so it wouldn't make any sense for a bad input to only affect the left channel right? I guess I can reconfigure it to use optical, but I figured I'd ask first.

    Second issue: returning/exchanging this thing back to China from the United States. Ouch. Anyone ever dealt with Gustard customer service? Is there such a thing? Darn, I really, really, really love this thing. I haven't turned on my Audio-GD Master-11 in six months...

  12. Zenifyx
    Perhaps you could try out different outputs and inputs to further pinpoint where the problem lies? (eg. The line out or the SE output).

    Warranty wise, you might want to contact the dealer whom you bought it from.
    Gustard is pretty responsive to queries in my experience but the language barrier may be an issue.
    Further, the shipping cost back to China might be quite cost prohibitive.
  13. reiserFS
    This is interesting, I have heard from people that face the same issue with the A20H.
    Last edited: Sep 19, 2017
  14. SeeSax
    I'll try the single-ended output tonight, but I don't want to find another amp to connect just to test if it's the DAC or amp functionality because either way, that would require a repair. Yeah, shipping to China is going to be a big bummer. Good to hear that they're responsive. I've sent a message to the retailer I bought it from and will keep you guys posted!

    Uh oh, figured this was a one-off issue. Initially I was blown away by the dead silent background of this unit even with sensitive IEMs. Then this noise started to crop up in the left ear. Where have you heard of the other folks' issues?

  15. Savage4
    I think the official listing is like $899
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