Gustard A20H DAC (Dual AK4497EQ, analog preamp, headphone amp, all in one)

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by mtoc, Sep 3, 2016.
  1. mtoc
    Dual AK4497EQ
    Preamp build by relays+resistors (60 steps) 
    Two 50w tranny
    price unknown yet.
  2. Holypal
    A dream comes true? Wonder how much is it.
  3. mtoc
    Still ain't no sure right now, may around $700-900 
  4. Holypal
    Probably the first DAC with two AK4497EQ chips.
  5. gulakpi
    The headamp stage is all discretes!
    Anyone tried this yet and if the headamp is equivalent to or better than the H-10?
  6. occamsrazor
    Ooh that looks interesting! Some more info here:

    Not quite sure but seems they are using the XMOS U8 chip, I wonder why they didn't go for the XU208 like in the Singxer f-1/SU-1....
  7. occamsrazor
    Another thread posted on that forum:

    Seems to say it's now officially listed and retail price is 4,580 RMB, being about $685. I think this is the listing on TaoBao:
  8. gulakpi
    I noticed a headphone socket with balanced output on the front panel.  Is it true this DAC-Amp supports balanced head-amp output too?
  9. Holypal
    I think it has dual AK4497EQ dac and balanced amp output.
  10. bliptrip
    Any mention of a remote being included with the unit?
  11. genclaymore
    I wonder how it will sound when it is released. I do like it's both SE and balanced.Now I'm interested in an another Gustard unit. But I betting it probably gonna cost quite a lot of money, I hope it won't be too much.
  12. Holypal
    In previous posts, it's ~4,580 RMB, being about $685.
  13. willowbrook
    Looks freaking lovely.
  14. gulakpi
    To my understanding, a remote is included with the DAC and you can control the volume (with the built-in arrays of relays!)
  15. mtoc
    Of course remote included. I forgot to mention

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