Gustard A20H DAC (Dual AK4497EQ, analog preamp, headphone amp, all in one)

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by mtoc, Sep 3, 2016.
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  1. CoolerB
    Anyone tried this dac with hydra z/singxer su-1 or other USB to I2S converters?
    I want to connect it to my system via i2s input and get DSD512, but dont know if it plays better via i2s at all, it is question of $1000, price of this dac :)

    What i found on internet, that other dacs with usb and i2s have better implementation of i2s and when you stream music to USB input, inside dac this signal converts and goes via i2s path anyway. I mean, then we have additional chain and conversion. With hydra z we also have this additional conversion, but its implemented much better (maybe :) ).
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  2. gyalporinpochi

    Much much better, have a20h and singxer su-1 , usb and hdmi i2s very important, power cable for singxer too.
  3. gyalporinpochi
    but much better then singxer su-1 , soundaware d100 pro deluxe
  4. Gridlinked
    Reading through the thread it's pretty clear that the DAC is good but how would the headphone amp compare to the Questyle CMA600i and/or Audio-GD NFB 28.28? I'm primarily going to be using Focal Elears through the balanced output and Sennheiser HD700's single ended (unless I get around to ordering a balanced cable for it too).

    I'm thinking the CMA600i probably has the better headphone amp but is it $450 better? This, in all likelihood, will by me endgame amp/dac, and if that $450 would be well spent than that's the route I'll go.
  5. lithrai
    What is output impedance from both single-ended and balanced headphone sockets? Can this be used as preamplifier? Volume control is digital or analog?
  6. makiyoung
  7. CoolerB
  8. xenithon
    Hi all. To those that have heard the A20H, I have two questions.
    1. Where would you say the sound signature lies - neutral, slightly warm / full bodied, or slightly cold / bright?
    2. Does it have enough power and/or voltage swing to effectively drive and control the HD800?

    Thanks in advance for any feedback!
  9. Joong
    Slightly warm and bodied.
    It will drive hd800 with enough headroom.
    My t1 has been driven which has 600ohm with balanced cable with easy.
  10. kadrian
    Did anyone compared a20h with nfb-28.38?
  11. xenithon
    Many thanks for the reply. I see the listed spec is around 264mw into 300 ohm. Does anyone know if this is SE or balanced, and if SA, what the balanced output is?

    Do you need volume set to a high level to control the HD800?

    Full specs are as below but don't know if it's SE or balanced.

    32Ω 2400mW
    64Ω 1230mW
    150Ω 530 mW
    300Ω 264 mW
    600Ω 132 mW
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  12. ForgottenSpy
    It is balanced.

    And these are the numbers for SE:

    16Ω 1200mW
    32Ω 600mW
    150Ω 133mW
    300Ω 67mW
    600Ω 33mW
  13. xenithon
    Many thanks. Pity - was hoping balanced would be higher. Did you perhaps listen to it with the HD800 and, if so, do you feel it had sufficient power for to control it properly?
  14. ForgottenSpy
    I do not have 800, sorry.
    Hifiman HE400i with their low sensitivity are driven pretty well with SE though.
    Later i am going make balanced cable and try those with BL, till then SE impressions only.
  15. runssical
    It's not a pity. This is primarily a DAC. You can pair it with a Gustard H10 $265.
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