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Grado SR80i vs. Grado SR60i

  1. MagnaCumLaude
    Hello Head-Fi,
    First off, I am sorry this is not in the suggestion thread but I never see anything get answered from there.  Hopefully my question will be answered.  Thanks in advance.
    Okay, I am thinking about purchasing a portable headphone that I can take on walks and listen to while I am away from my better studio headphones.  I am a college student so pricing is a rather big deal for me.  I spent most of my money on speakers, cables, headphones, etc..  Of course, I now need some better headphones for portable use i.e. walking to class.  The Head-Fi community seems to love Grado Headphones so I am looking into a pair of those.  
    The problem is:  Is it worth a $20 more to purchase the SR80's? Is there a noticeable difference between the 80's and 60's?  
    I am leaning toward the SR80's but I couldn't find a difference from reading the reviews.
    Again, thank you, MCL
  2. tzjin
    The Grado's aren't exactly your best bet for portability. Wind noise will be terrible, and isolation is near nonexistant. For portable headphones, a pair of IEM's or closed-back headphones would probably be better.

    In my experience, the SR80 does offer improvement over the SR60. However, pads themselves almost made a larger difference, and any mods you perform can boost the SR60 up past the SR125 (especially if you can make/buy new cups).
  3. MagnaCumLaude
    Okay, I guess they are VERY open.  Although, I don't want a completely  closed headphone. I am looking into semi-open headphones.  Possibly the KOSS PortaPro's.   
    Thanks, MCL

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