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Grado sr60e and sr80e.

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  1. Geeoteen
    Looking to get my first "real" headphones, and I've seen these two pop up a lot, although it's been the i versions. I've gathered that they're great for rock/metal and I think I saw someone say they like jazz with it. I listen to bands such as Jimi Hendrix Experience, AC/DC, Led Zeppelin,etc. I like some folk acoustic stuff as well. Was wondering if these are the ideal phones for that type of music.
  2. sinnottj

    Grados are indeed perfect for that type of music!
  3. KG Jag
    On condition that you are OK with open cans (they leak sound and don't isolate well)?
  4. Geeoteen
    These will be used mostly at home. I have earbuds for school and public use. They can't be any worse isolation wise than than my skull candy plyr 2 headset. Which I am going to be so glad to get rid of.
  5. KG Jag
    Although I have not heard your headset, I'll go out on a limb and say--yeah they can.
  6. manbear

    Do you know what open headphones are? They isolate exactly the same as not wearing headphones, and they leak sound. To someone sitting in the same room, it will be as if you are playing music from a phone or tablet. 
  7. Geeoteen
    It was more of an insult of this headset. I know what open headphones are.
  8. Jim McC
    Are the SR60e and SR80e a good choice for movies? They will be powered by my A/V receiver.
    How is comfort?
    Clamping pressure?
  9. manbear
    You might want to post in one of the Grado threads to get more responses. 

    They will work fine from an A/V receiver but wouldn't be my first choice for movies. Both soundstage and bass are weak points. 

    Comfort is personal but I find Grados pretty meh in that regard. They rest on your ears and the pads can be scratchy. Clamping is normal (?) but it depends on the size of your head.
  10. blse59

    I remember comfort being an issue with these. When I owned it I remembered them as having good sound, but not that comfortable. Anyhoo, these were my first 'good' pair of headphones I'd ever owned. I'm sort of feeling nostalgic now and wanting to pick up a SR60e.
  11. Jim McC
  12. valhallak
    In a similar price range the new AKG Y50s or the Y55s would work for movies and either have enough bass to handle most movie effects. On the other hand the Grado's are better music headphones by a good margin IMHO.
  13. Jim McC
    Thanks. How is the clamping pressure on these 2? And overall comfort?
  14. SonicScientist
    Just how loud do you people listen to music? Grados can be used as a mini stereos yes, but at my normal listening levels, hearing anything but a small buzz at hand's length is just stretching it.
  15. valhallak
    The 55s are kind of tight but it is not uncomfortable.  The 50s are less tight.  I ended up with the 55s as I thought the bass was just a tad tighter and detail a bit more revealing.  In the end I am not sure I would have noticed the difference day in and day out watching movies/tv.
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