Grado sr60e and sr80e.

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  1. Jim McC
  2. WilliamLeonhart
    Having owned/used both the SR60 and the SR80 (i series, not the newest e series), here's my 2 cents:
    - The SR60 sounds mellower hence better for more genres of music. The SR80 has punchy bass, hence best for Rock and Metal. 
    - That said, the SR80 is still very good with other genres, and the SR60 still rocks. The SR60 was my first Metal cans, and I never regretted buying it.
    - Comfort can be an issue on both. However, if you bend the headband, there's a 70% chance it won't be. Even Grado Labs instruct users to bend the headphones via the manual inside the box. Just position the phones so that your ears rest on the part of the pads that has no driver behind it (the outer rim).
    - HD414 and Grado L cushions can improve comfort. SR80 seems to be more compatible with L cushions.
    - They are not a good choice for movies. As I said, comfort can be an issue. The sound is open enough for movies. 
  3. Jim McC
    Thanks. You're saying the SR80e is not good for movies due to possible comfort issues?
  4. WilliamLeonhart
    Oops sorry. I meant "The sound is NOT open enough for movies." Wonder why I made that mistake... Lower-ranged Grados don't have big soundstage. They're not immersive. Gaming and movies are 2 areas where I dont like my Grados much. They're not immersive. Explosions feel very un-impressive. This is an area where you should check out gaming headphones rather than audiophile headphones.
    However I must add that IME gaming headphones don't last as long as audiophile headphones. My old Steelseries and Razer only last for at max 2 years. On the contrary I've never seen a Grado broke down to the point of no return. You can even send them to Grado Labs for driver replacement. In terms of music qualities, it's obvious that Grados win hands down.
  5. Jim McC
    Thanks. I was down to the SR80e and the original CAL, but now...  Do you think the CAL would be better for movies? I know it's closed, but it reportedly has a decent soundstage.
  6. marcelino420
    i purchase curious to the driver because its not in red is normal?...tia
  7. Sp12er3
    I see too that the SR60e has silver/white driver color and the SR8-0e has red... what's the difference between both?
  8. ngs428

    I understand that the red drivers were only a limited time color. Possibly a differentiation between the old I series drivers and the new e series drivers. If sr60e is on the ear cup you have an sr60e.
  9. donunus
    I'll bump this thread to ask if anyone has actually compared the 60e and the 80e. I am wondering if the 80e is significantly better.
  10. fourrobert13
    I compared them in a local store.  Mids and highs sounded the same to me between the two.  The bass seemed a bit more punchy in the 80e when going back and forth between them.  That was really the only difference I could hear.  Sound stage sounded identical to me.  I was only able to spend about 10 minutes doing this.  I went with the 60e because I felt it sounded better with metal music (thrash, death, traditional, hard rock, and others).  I though the bass was just right in the 60e for my taste, but this is all just a matter of personal preference.
  11. donunus
    ah ok thanks for that. I have a feeling then that the 80e will be better than the 60e when used with bowl pads. I have the 60e as well by the way. Great value cans!
  12. KG Jag
    Have not A/Bed them.  However, I can tell you that there is not much difference.  That is a change from the "i" versions, where--to my ears--the 80i was a step better than the 60i.
  13. donunus
    Well all grados are like that. Small differences from model to model. I was more interested in what the differences actually were and in this case, most people including fourrobert13 above has mentioned that its mostly just a difference in the bass region. I mentioned bowls maybe being better suited to 80es than 60es since the bowls sound thinner and am assuming that the bassier sr80e will be a better match with them.
  14. KG Jag
    That is often true, but not always. 
    The is a big jump from the SR 225e to the SR 325e.  There is also a big jump moving from the SR 325e to the RS 2e.  The same can be said going from the RS series to GS 1000 i/e and going from anything else to the much darker PS series.
  15. donunus
    But weird thing is... I like the sr60e more than the rs2i using the same taped bowls so go figure :D
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