Grado sr60e and sr80e.

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  1. KG Jag
    You might like the slam of the SR line over the spread out and extended sound signature of the RS line.
    That said I'm not sure what stock or modified ear pad pads you are using, or what they do the sound of the 60e.
  2. donunus
    electrical tape on bowls. Here...
  3. Fungus
    Aa a previous ms2 owner, i just purchased the sr60e and im wowed. I've never heard such lively and forward vocals. Funny thing is they don't seem to be seem to be nearly as sibilant and bright as the ms2. They make my hd25 muffled.
    On the downside my mobile cant seem to drive them adequate levels, only with my external portable amp. After demoing a few 1k plus headphones just the day before lcd2, signature studio, akt1, mrspeakers aeon, only the sr60 wowes me. It's one of the headphones that u know sounds great without having to do an ab comparison and be an the right mood.
  4. Fungus
    I don't know if my earing had improved since thw day onwing the ms2 or the grado e series has dramatically improved from the i series but these are possibly the most engaging headphones with certian music period. I honestly dont think its worth looking into the higher then grado thou. They sound 99% identical with the exception of better quality materials wood and metal used.
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