Grado SR225: Still best for $160-200?
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Dec 27, 2004
I'll recap quick because it's been months since I thought about buying these and maybe there are some new opinions.

I listen to mostly rock and metal, but have some acoustic stuff as well.

I like bass.

I have a Zune 80 and won't amp whatever cans I get.

I was thinking of getting the SR225s and using them unamped because people here told me they'd still sound great.

What are some other headphones that compare to them in the $160-200 range? I've only listened to Sennheiser before and have the PX100s right now. I've never listened to other brands to hear the difference in sound and don't have a chance to because I can't find any stores who actually carry good headphones.

So, to wrap up, are the SR225s still my best choice for rock and metal and a few other genres, in the $200 price range and unamped?
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I haven't heard many other cans (yet) in that price range, but I have heard the DT770/80. The SR225 don't have as much bass obviously, but I find the DT770/80 very sloppy. The SR225 sounds absolutely amazing unamped and are much easier to power than other full sized cans. I definitely recommend the SR225.
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I heard they were "punchy" too, so as long as what bass they have is punchy I'm sure I'll like it. I also really care about overall sound, and if Grados are as good as everyone says they are for metal and rock I doubt I won't like them, I an pretty much a metalhead.
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I love my SR225s from my Darkvoice, sometimes i think i like them more then my HD650s, but maybe im a Grado person. The grados sound different from anything ive heard, acoustic stuff is amazing, and they are incredible unamped. Even if they're not the best in the price range (and i think they are) they are a pair of headphones everyone needs to listen to, if not own.
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I'll go check out the AD900s too, but it seems everyone's opinions are still the same and that I'd be best off with the SR225s. Thanks.
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For acoustic, the k501 would be another strong contender. However, for rock and metal, the sr225 are hard to beat under $200.
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SR225's are excellent, I tried the RS1's and thought that the 225's give you 95% of the performance for 1/3 (1/4 used) of the price. Add to that they sound great right out of an Ipod and with your music preferences the choice becomes a very simple one.
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Thanks guys, looks like I'll stick to my original plan of the SR225s. I'll have to be sure to buy the 1/8" converter thing from TTVJ as well.
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good choice.
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Hmm... Anyone compared the SR225 to the AD900? The AD900 looks to be A LOT more comfortable, so if it sounds as good it would be awesome...
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also interested, i have the ad700 and there very comfy.

but i am looking to upgrade headphones soon, based around bands like

dark tranquility, at the gates, in flames, iron maiden, ratm, etc, need to have a nice punch, basically want the music to be more energetic, the ad700s are nice but dont do this, and if soundstage is anything like ad700s, or better i am happy
also the grados look small enough to use portable, or would they leak too much sound?
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Originally Posted by pataburd /img/forum/go_quote.gif
If you are willing to buy used, the possibilities are multiplied yet again. : )

Nah, not looking for used stuff. Not a fan of it.

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