Google's new browser, Chrome
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I've used too many browsers. Seems there is always one popping up somewhere every few years. I'm not a huge IE fan, especially because of it's inherent bugs, but I finally got tired of installing new software till my machine exploded. Out of all the ones I've used to date, I've so far been most impressed with Safari. Maybe I'm just a closet Mac user.
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Originally Posted by DocHamm /img/forum/go_quote.gif
I'm not a huge IE fan, especially because of it's inherent bugs, but I finally got tired of installing new software till my machine exploded.

I'm not a huge IE fan either, but I'm comfortable with it. I've got the Favorites Bar set up the way I like it, and it does a reasonably good job of mangaging my RSS feeds (other than that obnoxious bug that causes it to poll for updates every two minutes for some reason.)

I downloaded and tried the beta of Chrome, and I thought it was pretty good. But there was no "wow" factor for me. The thought of spending the time necessary to learn it as well as I've learned IE was daunting.

And, correct me if I'm wrong, there's still no RSS reader built in...?
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...and still no sign of Chrome for Mac OS X..

Just a sign up for news.
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Originally Posted by krmathis /img/forum/go_quote.gif
...and still no sign of Chrome for Mac OS X..

Just a sign up for news.

Yeah. I've given up hope. There are good alternatives enough.
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I've tried out Chrome on several occasions, but it just won't stick. I always go back to Firefox, despite the fact that it's become slightly bloated in the last few years. It all comes down to the extensions. I love being able to sync my bookmarks (Xmarks), use Stumbleupon, and not bother with ads (Adblock Plus).
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Installed and tested.
Google Chrome for Mac does not feel like it is ready for the masses. No bookmark manager, cookie manager or extension support. All present in the beta version for GNU/Linux which also released today, and of course the MS Windows release version.

After all these months (September 2nd. 2008 -> December 8th. 2009) I certainly expected features on par with the MS Windows one...
It is free though, so probably have no right to complain.

* Uninstalled *
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I'm using the developer preview version of Chrome on Mac OS X, which has been available for a little while now. It seems overall more stable than Safari but definitely more buggy and rather primitive. It is still quite speedy and is still my favorite browser on any platform.

Chrome, even in its current state, is still more Mac-like than Firefox. Firefox is a mess on OS X. They still have yet to make something as simple as the zoom button work like it should
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I am updating this thread by more than one year later. I am running Google Chrome 8.x stable version and it is by far the simplest web browser that I have ever used. It is one of the fastest on the market and Google keeps updating and upgrading their Chromium project every several weeks with new features and better performance. Compared to Mozilla Firefox 4.x beta 7 and Windows Internet Explorer 9 Beta, Chrome still beats them both for security, stability, and speed especially if you turn on GPU hardware acceleration and WebGL in about:flags. The only thing that still needs development is GPU hardware acceleration especially for HTML5, SVG, and CSS3 standards; I find Windows Internet Explorer 9 Beta to be much faster at the cost of bugs which force me to use compatibility mode on some of my favorite websites. Google stated that its Canary build should see more work put into enhancing GPU hardware acceleration and the new code base to support it fully should be mature by version 12 or 13 in the future. I have only installed the Google Chrome theme and the GMail application so far.
The other thing that sucks about Google Chrome is that it is not compatible with Sirius XM Satellite Radio. I am a subscriber and I need to use Windows Internet Explorer 8 to stream its premium content to my ASUS N61JV-X2 notebook PC because the software developers and engineers coded it to work exclusively with that browser. Mozilla Firefox does not work either. This is not Google's fault either.
Since I only have a 1366 X 768 pixel resolution LED screen, Chrome maximizes the display area for websites which I find to be critical to an optimal web experience. Windows Internet Explorer 9 Beta comes close, but it takes up an extra two lines of resolution in windowed mode compared to Chrome. A major problem with it is that I can only install and run the 64 bit version of 8 or 9 Beta; the 32 bit version that has the new Chakra engine is unavailable to me since I run Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit so I cannot take advantage of the performance improvements. Adobe Flash Square ActiveX for 64 bit is broken in IE 9 Beta and I am unable to play Adobe Flash movies. Microsoft has not even acknowledged these problems thus far on their Facebook page or their blog.
Chrome does not suffer from the switching problem with the new Huddler system when composing threads or replies thanks to the hard work of the administrators here at the forums.

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