Google's new browser, Chrome
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While I love Opera (I'd give it to everyone I know, but it can be a handful sometimes) it looks like I'll be able to give the speed of Opera without getting called over to fix something.

It also seems that Google is really flexing its muscle with getting the word out about this browser -- it even got on TV news!

Download Chrome from here:Google Chrome

Lookie, time to patch the browser -- already! New Chrome Exploit

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Originally Posted by DanTheMiataMan /img/forum/go_quote.gif
Google is really just a different name for Skynet

I don't doubt that one day someone is going to send a naked soldier back in time to kill Google in order to prevent G-day and the loss of half the world's population. Unfortunately Google is going to send Chrome back in time to give this soldier a seamless, robust, secure way to buy some threads at, and we will have lost him forever.
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I'm SO EXCITED FOR IT! Read the comic!
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Ya the Comic has been created by the Google bot ...

On 3rd September 2008 the Gnet took over
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Oh damn...i didn't think about that. CRAP IT'S HAPPENING! *runs to bomb shelter*
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Its been nice knowing you all.

At least I'll die with an audio setup that brought me happiness! I shall enjoy it till Armageddon comes
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Originally Posted by SR-71Panorama /img/forum/go_quote.gif
I can already see Apple exploiting this to their advantage, via Safari. And more power to them if they do.

Exploiting? Google is saying, "Please do!".

I am a little skeptical of all of the new wave of apps from Google like gmail (still like my hotmail), but I might actually try this.
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I always love what google has to offer. Although it seems hard to top what firefox has become today. I will still give it an unbiased try for a week or so. and give it another try again when it has had time to mature and grow.
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I love Opera for the mouse gestures! It really saves you lots of time when browsing, opening new tabs, closing, forwarding and backwarding. If this feature gets to Chrome, maybe I'll change. I'll give it a try anyway, but it will need to be really good!
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If it's done correctly (like it's described in the comic) it'll beat operas and firefoxes (not to mention IE:shudder
in a heartbeat.

But a possible lack of decent AdBlock functionality might cripple that option. I estimate things go good, and firefox's best extensions (adblock, greasemonkey, you name it) are converted to Chrome in some point.

The concepts of sandboxing a session, forked tabs, a compiling javascript virtual machine all makes this browser very interesting. Compiled code is lightyears faster than always interpreted code. See this with java code! If you have a software written in java and you run it the first time, it may take something like seconds to finish. This is the phase the Java VM has not optimized the run yet: it just interpretes it. But, as some of you know, on the subsequent runs the java VM optimizes the code to reach the speeds normally only seen on C and C++ apps. Javascript isn't Java, but the concept of compiling should work in this V8 thing.

I'm a very pious Firefox user for its extendability and robustness. And since the version three, it's not that slow anymore. But who doesn't use an extra speed?
I'm very thrilled.

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