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Good Reasonable-Price bass favoured IEM?

  1. User80916
    So ive been looking around for new in ear's since my old pair broke.
    I had the Sennheiser CX 400 II precision and thought they delivered pretty well.
    Now im a pretty big fan of bass, but i do also value clear mids, highs and no distortion at higher volumes. 
    Ive seen a couple pairs that i would be interested in such as:
    - Brainwavz M5
    - Klipsch S5i 
    - Fischer Audio Consenance
    Im not really great at all the technical stuff but would appreciate some advice and suggestions for a great bass favoured earphone that looks great and stylish too.
    Preferably under £70 ( Can be ordered via Amazon UK since i live in the UK...)
  2. User80916
    please can someone help?
  3. deFiniLoGy
    Maybe Shure SE 215..
    I'm in the UK so hi mate!
  4. User80916
    Also interested in Fischer Audio Eterna
  5. User80916
    cool man! ive had a look at those, good all round but not for bassheads from what ive heard, know anything about fischer audio eterna's?
  6. johnpaul252003
    Im also from the UK  and tried finding the eternas with no luck.
  7. asdfvtn
    I personally enjoy my Klipsch S4As, but they don't get too much love around here. I think most would suggest Shure 215s.
  8. User80916

    Amazon - theyre like £50
  9. User80916

    yeah most do suggest the shure's, ive noticed that
    and i also looked at the klipsch s4i's too and seem pretty good all round however not for the basshead..what do you think?
  10. xaddictionx
    Do check out the Hippo Vb. Nothing beats it's sub bass. It comes with 3 tunable bass plates too. It sports a warm sound signature but mids still remains clear despite its powerful sub bass. Treble maybe abit harsh at high volumes. IMO, nothing comes close (in terms of bass).
  11. H20Fidelity Contributor
    I'll jump in here and recommend the Klipsch x10 on special at the moment on amazon.

    Have a read up on the reviews, they have the forward bass you want and sound rather clean.
  12. User80916
    Seems great, if only i could buy in UK from trusted sources
  13. User80916
    bit too pricy for my liking as i recently bought over-ears for a great sum recently. but thanks for the input! :D
    The Sony XB90EX are highly recommended due to there large dome type dynamic drivers, they capture more details in mids, highs and has deep dynamic punchy bass and offers fairly wide soundstage.
  15. User80916
    Ah nice, ill look into it!

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