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Good alternative for Monsters Beat by Dr.Dre Tour?(and a few questions)

  1. Moonwalker1982
    Hey guys, i got a question.

    Recently i tried out the Monster Beats by Dr.Dre , Tour version. I tried it on my Iriver H10 , Ipod Touch, and Sony laptop. And i loved them, i tried out alot of Michael Jackson songs and some rap, and i absolutely loved the bass at the start of 'Smooth Criminal' , the heartbeat at the intro was incredible, thumping and really going through my whole body almost, awesome.

    Also the beat to 'Wanna be startin' something' was amazing. Really making music more 'alive' , for rapmusic it was of course pretty damn perfect, not too much bass but enough. On the Iriver H10 with SRS WOW setting on it was awesome. On Ipod Touch it wasn't too amazing, but thats not the fault of the earphones. And on the laptop it was just ok. Again, the fault of the soundcard in the laptop, not the in-ears. Unfortunetely though i listen alot to music on my laptop. I wish there was a way to make the sound quality from laptops amazing,lol..ah well.
    But 150 euros is just too much for me, i'm currently unemployed so i can't be spending that kind of money. But surely there are alternatives? As i read in reviews and saw on Youtube videos, at the end of the day you also pay for the brand. Monster and Dr.Dre. For the look and for the nice tangle free wiring. From what i understand when it comes to sound quality and bass, there are definitely good and cheaper alternatives, but which ones?
    As for the other question. When you guys buy new in-ears for your mp3 player. Do you tweak alot with the EQ settings or simply put it to 'normal' ? I noticed when i put the Iriver H10's EQ setting to 'normal' instead of 'SRS WOW' it didn't sound as powerful and alive. Which is of course normal, but i just want the best out of my stuff.
    So again....
    Michael Jackson's music and rap(good rap,storytelling rap mostly, but i can apreciate singer/songwriters all the same or just good music that has heart, has feeling, emotion. But most of the time it is MJ and rap though.
    Need a great bass, similar to the Beats by Dr.Dre Tour version.
    Will be used on Iriver H10 and Sony Vaio laptop.
    Not sure about the budget, just curious to see what other alternatives there are for a cheaper price.
    Much thanks in reply :)
  2. headphonenoob
    Just get the Klipsch S4, better sound and more comfortable at half the price.
  3. Moonwalker1982
    Hmmm Klipsch, i got a surround set by Klipsch, it's damn good. And my dad and bro love Klipsch too, i just didn't know if there in-earphones would be really good too. I'm gonna check some reviews out and such. Thanks for the recommendation.

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