1. Moonwalker1982

    I bought some Ultimate Ears MetroFi 170 and Comply Foam tips today. Few questions.

    I was still on the lookout for great but affordable in ears, i had borrowed the Beats by Dre.Dre for awhile, and while great, simply way too much money for my liking. Now i got these Ultimate Ears MetroFi 170 for 49 euros. However...i had never thought Logitech in ears would actually be good...
  2. Moonwalker1982

    Good alternative for Monsters Beat by Dr.Dre Tour?(and a few questions)

    Hey guys, i got a question.   Recently i tried out the Monster Beats by Dr.Dre , Tour version. I tried it on my Iriver H10 , Ipod Touch, and Sony laptop. And i loved them, i tried out alot of Michael Jackson songs and some rap, and i absolutely loved the bass at the start of 'Smooth...
  3. techenvy

    iriver help

    i am so super tired of my itouch with preset eq,, if it had a 7 band eq i would be more than fine with it( could also really use a volume wheel pot  or any other pot for that matter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)   i have been wanting to try the cowon s9 specifically because of its eq( iforget how many...
  4. dazzer1975

    High Capacity DAP recommendation

    My mate appreciates a dap with a very respectable sound signature, he currently uses a sony walkman (no idea of the model name) and with my encouragement has recently acquired a pair of se530's.   However, after he returned from a recent camping trip he has asked me about the options for a...
  5. iriver H10 6 GB Digital MP3 Player Grey

    iriver H10 6 GB Digital MP3 Player Grey

    The iriver 6 gb model h10 is the perfect portable digital player/recorder for true music and audio enthusiasts. Hardly bigger than a deck of cards its internal microdrive has space for over 1500 songs (128 kbps mp3 4 minutes per song) or more than 100 hours of music. Yet the whole player...