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Geek Pulse: Geek desktop DAC/AMP by Light Harmonics

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  1. flipper2gv
    gain switch and analog volume are a must !
  2. Ebonyzer
    The added digital ins and the outputs are nice over the Geek Out, but besides additional power, are there are significant improvements in audio quality in the Geek Pulse? Since the chipset is similar (the same?), would sound quality likely be hard to distinguish?  
    And good to see you on the forums, Larry.
  3. eliwankenobi
    I just backed for a super early bird! Im excited!! Last time i missed the chance to back the Geek and this product seems to be even better! I hope it gets into my hands in time for My B-Day!!

    Now what if want to change to the geek/pulse combo?
  4. Ebonyzer
    I don't believe you can change your pledge on IndieGoGo the way you do with Kickstarter. You make a pledge, pay for it immediately, and then watch the campaign. 
  5. eliwankenobi
    Well that sucks...
  6. santacore
    I'm in.......again....
  7. vincent215
    I prefer Kick Starter over Indiegogo.
    The design is much more intuitive and flexible for contributor/backer to support the campaign, because the product is still in their early stages, so change can happen any minutes, and us, as user change our mind according the information that we get. 
  8. DizzyD
    Very new to such funding arrangement. 
    Do I register my interest to buy now and pay now for delivery in 2014? If Geek cannot deliver I will get my initial funding back?
  9. a_recording

    This is a crowdfunding campaign. You are not technically ordering or pre-ordering a product. Essentially you are making an investment in this venture and in exchange for your pledge you might receive a finished product. If the product is never delivered you won't necessarily get your money back. Hopefully that won't happen and given that Light Harmonics is a company that has delivered a finished product (the DaVinci) before, the chances of this venture being successful seem promising. Don't let me be your financial advisor though :wink:
  10. vincent215
    Yes, you will need to buy and pay now!
    If Geek can't be delivered, I believe that Gavin will refund it. However, given their reputation in the market and expertise with delivering Geek Out and their Da Vinci Dac, it is certainly that they will deliver an awesome product.
  11. FraGGleR
    Very much like others have said, Kickstarter and Indiegogo are very much like baby venture capital websites.  The only difference is that we get product, not ownership should the company/product be successful.  You have to be prepared to lose whatever money you put in, however.  There are many reasons for a product or company to fail, so if you back at this early of a stage, you have to be prepared to lose your money, and Indiegogo requires your money at time of backing through Paypal.  I have most likely lost my investment in a previous Kickstarter campaign.  The product was supposed to be delivered Fall of 2012, and a year later, they are no closer to finishing than they were then.  But I have also successfully backed two others.  
    Oh, and make sure you are supporting because you really want the product.  If you are trying to get in early to flip once it hits retail, you will definitely not be alone and the margin for flipping will be much lower than you would think.  It is going to be funny to see how many GEEKs hit the FS forums within a couple weeks of launching.
  12. FraGGleR
    I don't think an analog volume control necessarily makes sense here since this is based on a 32-bit chipset with digital volume control built in.  I would love an actual knob to control the digital volume though.  
  13. FraGGleR
    And are people voting for MUST haves, or NICE to haves?  I think it is more useful for Light Harmonic if we are distinguishing between those.  Some of the popular poll items don't seem to make sense as dealbreakers or sensible items for this kind of product.
  14. Zoo Animal
    It sounds like the gain switch and mini-XLRs will be part of the design now.

    Larry Ho said 29 minutes ago
    Hi, all
    Balance output, we hear you. Actually our internal circuit is fully balance from beginning all the way before headphone driver. So line out could have balance output for sure.
    So my plan for now is two configuration. One RCA version, one mini XLR version…
    Give us few days. We will work it out. :wink:

  15. FraGGleR
    Good stuff.  I am wondering if they will lower the output on the RCA to closer to the Redbook standard of 2V instead of the listed 4V, which is closer to normal balanced/pro output.  Hope that a balanced out for the headphone is doable, too, as that would be more useful for me than the balanced output.
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