From Headsix to Corda 2Move, should I upgrade?
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Nov 26, 2007
I currently own a slew of Fiio E5 amps (4, with one being used right now and the others acting as backups), a Boostaroo Revolution, and a Corda Headsix.

I had been pondering back-and-forth of whether to upgrade from a Headsix to a 2Move, and I would like to find a silver one in real good condition (preferably no gouges, dents, or major scratches on it).

Is it worth it? Both the Headsix (and I assume the 2Move) can drive large cans and also my SRS-67 Walkman powered speakers, from the line out from my NW-HD5 to the amp and then it in turn feeds the speakers.
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What kind of benefit are you looking to gain from an upgrade? If you want something to use at home to drive full-size cans, you'd be better off looking at a desktop amp IMO.

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