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Fostex x Massdrop TH-X00 Review

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jude, Nov 24, 2015.
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  1. Daze513

    Any chance for an english link?
  2. innaterebel
    That depends on whether Fostex International would follow the decision. Currently there is no relevant information on the English site so it's an importing thing for now.
    Also note the sale is yet to start (I should have written it, sorry), expected late May. Will keep you posted if Fostex International moves or online distributors for importing become available.
  3. FaezFarhan
    Any chance of the purpleheart version getting reviewed @WillBright? On youtube maybe?
  4. John Q Lin
    how does the thx00 compare to the Denon 7k and 5k, anyone have experience with them?
  5. Oink1 Contributor
    w00t!!! Just had notification - they're on the way! *happy dance*
    imackler likes this.
  6. TT600R
    Same here, hope they slip through customs easily here in Europe.
  7. betula

    Yeah, let's see if any of X00s will slip through customs. I am afraid, we have a very small chance for that.
  8. Oink1 Contributor
    Never had ANYTHING via DHL or UPS that didn't come with a fee unfortunately!
  9. justvinh
    Any X00 buyer from Australia? I think the headphones value are under the threshold here which technically mean no tax would be applied but this is my first time order some high value goods from oversea so I'm kind of worried.
  10. pinoyman
    Anyone wants to sell their pair?
  11. DeadEars
    Well the UPS guy visited today and delivered my Massdrop Fostex cans.  First impression is very positive. Visually the cups are flawless and quite pretty. Sound-wise, I'm pleasantly surprised:  I feared the overly-bright top end of the TH-900, but these are much more even in the treble.  And the bass is not just one-note thump.  It's a lot more nuanced and tuneful than I expected.  I'll burn these in for a while before detailed impressions.  Right now rocking on Lucius "How Loud Your Heart Gets" and Marian Hill "Sway."  Fun to listen to!
  12. John Q Lin
    Received my ThX00 today at 2pm
  13. betula
    Considering the fact that my X00s have to get through UK customs, and there is no trackable information provided yet, I am afraid I will share companionship with the group called 'finally I have also had my X00s delivered'. sharing impressions in late May, best scenario. :)
  14. John Q Lin
    More pictures
  15. nicholars
    Hm just noticed these, I was looking at some TH600 etc. but came across these, so how does massdrop work? I signed up and it says drop inactive.
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