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Fostex T50RP replacement cable

  1. Liver
    I'd like to replace the stock cable on my Fostex T50RP.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with them, and I do not think I'll "gain" any sonic improvements.  My desire to replace them is purely aesthetics.  
    I don't like the look of the thin cable nor the 1/4 inch connector.  
    Is there a place I can but the 1/8 inch LOCKING right angle adapter for these headphones to DIY?  Does it need to be locking?
  2. FraGGleR
    To get you started, you don't need to have the locking connector, nor can you get one ready for DIY.  
    The most common replacement cable is a Vmoda cable (don't know the model number).
    If you check the main T50RP modification thread and search it, you will find several more suggestions.
  3. Liver
    Sorry about that.  Don't like the Vmoda cable either.  Like I said, its only for aesthetics.  Yes, I know I'm being kinda shallow.
    Want something with more heft and industrial look to it.  I have some Canare Quad at home and love the feel (sounds good too).  I'm thinking that maybe I'll just get a nice angle 1/8 and go from there.  I'd rather have it locking if that option exists.
  4. FraGGleR
    Oh I completely understand about aesthetics.  I go pretty far to get something that I like:
  5. Liver
    That is sweet.  Totally would do that.  What connectors did you use in the headphones?
    oh, and I want a different length cable for my specific situation (don't want to use an extension).
  6. FraGGleR
    Thanks!  I used 4-pin mini XLR connectors (just like Audeze).  Somewhere in my profile, you can see my mini tutorial (just pictures) of the process.  
  7. Liver
    Didn't find it, but I am not done looking at your profile.  On a side note, what did you do with the hold in the left ear phone?
  8. FraGGleR
    Here are the pictures: http://www.head-fi.org/g/a/704120/t50rp-modification/
    I used Sugru for mine, which is a great material, but for this purpose, some epoxy putty works better, as it sands down much easier.  Since Sugru is silicone based, it is better for strain relief areas.
  9. Liver
  10. OSiRiSsk

    can anybody recommend replacement cable which terminates with 6.3mm jack ?


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