Forza AudioWorks Impressions Thread
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The green is the right side indicator, most use red, Forza choose green.

That's affirmative. We like green :wink:

The Copper Series HPC Mk2 is my first ever transparent cable i have bought. Its good looking.

Thank you and may it serve you well :)

Is that it bring more clarity. Some better articulation and some new details was heard. It was introducing more sibilance though compared to stock Akg cable. I hope it will improve with burn in.

Anyone had any experience with burn in with Forza cables?

From my experience, any sharpness and excessive treble spikes go away unless it's embedded really deep in a setup.

No risk of any damage, all that will happen is the sound that should be coming out of the left channel will come out of the right and vice versa.

That's affirmative, no damage whatsoever due to channels reversed.

The other symbols on the splitter and termination don’t mean anything specifically, Forza just like to align everything.

That's correct. Our splitter doesn't indicate which channel's which per se.
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After burning in for about 150 hours my Forza Audioworks Noir Hybrid HPC cable on my U22s the initial sibilance has completely disappeared and all aspects of audio reproduction have bloomed into euphonic bliss, congratulations Matt on having produced such a high quality cable at a great price, I would highly recommend it to anybody looking for an upgrade cable for their Focals or any other brand headphones.


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After burning in for about 150 hours my Forza Audioworks Noir Hybrid HPC cable on my U22s the initial sibilance has completely disappeared and all aspects of audio reproduction have bloomed into euphonic bliss
Straight out of the box with no burn in. The Noir HPC Mk2 for my HD800S showed also more sibilance then the original stock cable. Also i think there was less bass but i think there was blacker background with some new details heard. I hope burn in will change for the better too.

Anyone else has the experience with Noir HPC Mk2 for HD800S and how does it sound to you?
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It does sound fullbodied and balanced though I've realised when not comparing on my reference playlist. The general feel of it. Ones the sibilance goes away it will probably be great.
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Loving my FAW Noir HPC & Noir Hybrid HPC Mk2 cables to connect my ZMF station.

I like the HPC best with the Atrium Closed and the Hybrid HPC with the Verite Closed. Claire HPC Mk2 is a perfect match for the Aeolus.

Sorry to hijack the thread. Is it an Eufonika Amp on the lower shelf?
And yes, FAW cables are top notch!! Congrats :thumbsup:
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FAW cables top notch. I've noir Hybrid hpc and they perform superb
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Picked up a Forza Claire HPC Mk2 for my Focal Clear. I didn't hear the heavens part or the angels sing with revolutionary changes in sound quality, but the physical handling and appearance of the cable is absolutely sublime. Can't believe something with so many nubbles has such a complete lack of microphonics!

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I would like to tell you a little about my experiences with Matt and his cables:

I have bought several cables from Matt over the last 10 years and have always been very satisfied. When I started with IEMs a few years ago, I also bought the two Copper and Hybrid IEM cables available in the store and was quite satisfied with them. However, I thought to myself that there must be more possible and bought much more expensive cables from Effect Audio, Eletech and Plussound. At the same time, with the InEar Promission-X, Empire Ears Odin and the Noble Kublai Khan, I bought more and more IEMs. But even with the most expensive cables, such as the Plussound Hybrid+ (1400 USD) and Copper+ (1100 USD), I was sometimes dissatisfied with my IEMs. I was even close to selling the Promission-X and Odin again. The sound just wasn't balanced, and I noticed that I only listened to certain albums with each of these IEMs and avoided others. With most cables, the Odin was sometimes too intrusive in the high frequencies and not suitable for long-term listening. The Promission-X reacts even more critically to cables and can be both intrusive in the high frequencies and too blurry in the bass range ...

Then, after a long time, I tried the Forza Hybrid IEM again and was surprised at how balanced these IEMs suddenly were. It wasn't the greatest soundstage, but the basic character was just right for me. I wrote to Matt and told him that I enjoyed the Hybrid IEM, but that I would like an 8-core version. To my surprise, he replied quite quickly and said that he had just finished an 8-core prototype of the Hybrid IEM cable that he could offer me. It was a Claire Hybrid cable in a flat version as an IEM cable. I ordered it straight away and was absolutely thrilled when I was able to test it. Odin and Promission-X were born again. Totally balanced, I would say warm-neutral, slightly forward as I like it, with clean and powerful bass and clear but never annoying treble. I immediately ordered two more of these cables so that I would have one for each IEM.

I sold all the other cables except for the Plussound Copper+ and Hybrid+. As I know myself that every IEM harmonizes differently with cables, it's good to have some cables in the reserve box.

The Kublai Khan is the only one of the three IEMs where I also like the Plussound Hybrid+ equally well. This has a little more punch, but is not quite as balanced as the Forza "Claire IEM". The Forza is also far more ergonomic than the Plussound cables, which are quite stiff.

I also bought the same cable from Matt as an interconnect between my DAP (until recently FiiO M17, since a week ago Astell&Kern SE 300) and the Cayin C9. The above is also true for this cable.

Matt, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you once again for the great support and these absolutely fantastic cables. You have saved me from rashly selling my IEMs.

Here are some photos of my equipment:

A&K SE 300 with Noble Kublai Khan and Forza Claire Hybrid IEM (Semi-Transparent)

A&K SE 300 with EE Odin and Forza Claire Hybrid IEM (transparent)

InEar Promission-X and Forza Claire Hybrid IEM (transparent)

Top row: Forza Hybrid and Copper IEM (4-core)
Middle row: New Forza Claire Hybrid IEM
Bottom row: Plussound Copper+ and Hybrid+

FiiO M17 (sold), Cayin C9, Cayin RU7, IEMs from above, everything connected with the new Claire Hybrid IEM flat-braided cable

Forza Hybrid IEM (4-core) vs new Claire Hybrid IEM (8-core, flat)
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Hi @Matez ,

what is actually the correct product name for the new flat 8-core hybrid IEM prototype cable? And will it soon be officially available to order from your web store?

In my opinion, with this model you have an absolute TOTL IEM cable on the market that can also compete with the far more expensive cables of the competition. Congratulations! :clap:

I hope I didn't write anything wrong with "warm-neutral". For me, my IEMs just sound "right" with it :L3000:
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Is the Noir HPC Mk2 the best copper cable from Forza audioworks?

Any other to consider around in the eu?

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I decided to join the club of Forza Audioworks cable owners. IEM cable extension arrived just few minutes ago, but oh man!
The craftmanship and used materials are absolutely gorgeous! 🥰
I plan to test the sound later, just checked if all works well, but I know right now that I will not be disappointed.

Thank You so much for Your work, Forza Audioworks team. :beerchug:
This was definitely not my last purchase. :ksc75smile:
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How long is the delivery time these days? Ordered a cable a week ago but no update on my order yet. :) I'm in no rush whatsoever, just curious.

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