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For $100, IE7 refurb or something else in that range?

  1. glfpunk
    In the market for a new IEM, currently using VModa somethings and have a new Fuze on the way.  I saw that I can get the IE7's refurbished from an authorized Sennheiser dealer on Amazon for $94.  Should I jump on these or go with something else in that price range. I'd like to stay around a hundred.  I listen to pop, punk, rock, hip hop, classic rock mostly.  
  2. batpig
    If you like a smooth, warm, somewhat bass-heavy sound, you might want to check the coupon code posted in this thread for the Munitio 9mm's, 40% off brings them to your budget range: http://www.head-fi.org/forum/thread/527397/iem-for-hip-hop/15#post_7124483
  3. glfpunk
    Thanks. Im not really huge into bass though. I don't want base to be lacking but I don't necessarily want a bass heavy iem either
  4. glfpunk
    Anyone else?
  5. batpig
    you may want to check out the "master" IEM comparison thread: http://www.head-fi.org/forum/thread/478568/multi-iem-review-125-iems-compared-sony-xb40ex-ex85-added-12-08
    gives one man's opinions/scores on all sorts of IEM's in different price ranges.
  6. ZARIM
    IE7 are great sounding IEMs and will match well with above genres and DAP but there are few more IEMs to look at like Custom 3, HJE900, MC5, RE-ZERO and PFE112
  7. glfpunk
    Well, I've been interested in the HJE900's but the problem with those is finding them for sale.  I hadn't considered the MC5 due to hearing about the lack of bass.  I don't know anything about the Custom 3 so that's one I'll definitely look into and the price of the PFE112 puts it at a different level where I'd have to bring more IEMs into play like the DBA's which I would have bought on impulse if bugdenaudio had them in stock.  I went ahead and ordered the IE7's at $94 just because it seemed like a great deal.  That's not to say I'm going to keep them though because I might not like them and I could always resell them at that price anyway, so I'm still looking at all the options out there. 
  8. glfpunk
    As I've done some more reading, I'm really looking forward to getting the IE7's.  I read so many good reviews of the IE8 and then I've read quite a few people prefer the IE7 to the IE8 so I'm looking forward to it.  I definitely think I'll still make an attempt at some DBA's in the future when they become available.  I just felt like I couldn't go wrong with spending $94 on the IE7 so we'll see how it goes.  I looked into the Custom 3 and read some good things about the sound but apparently the cable are garbage which kind of sucks because I really liked the looks of it. 
  9. lee730


    Did you ever get your pair of IE7's yet. Adtron has refurbished IE7's for sale on amazon.com for $94.00. Adtron is an authorized Sennheiser Dealer and I just purchased a pair from him. I'm excited to get them as I am very happy with my IE8's. Just looking forward to a different flavor. More based on mids and balance and less bass. I think The IE8's and Dennon AH-D 5000's will always be my favorites though.

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