1. jhelsas

    Sennheiser IE7 @ US$ 100 ?

    Today I've found this:   Can anyone confirm if it's true this price, and of course, if it is a real IE7, and also I would like to ask if...
  2. Komano

    Wondering what earphones to get. Recomendations please. :)

    So i was wondering what earphones i should get. I have a budget of about $200USD. I've been looking at the Etymotic mc3's and it has controltalk and i'm gonna be needing them but it's not a required feature at all. So i was wondering if you guys could recommend a earphone to get. I currently...
  3. Polynomial

    Are these Sennheiser IE7 earphones fake?

    Hey guys, I was just wondering if you think these Sennheiser IE7 earphones which I bought for £54.50 including postage are fake or real.   They didn't come with any cleaning tool or foam ear buds, just over-ear holders and the standard silicon buds and documentation, however they were sold...
  4. glfpunk

    For $100, IE7 refurb or something else in that range?

    In the market for a new IEM, currently using VModa somethings and have a new Fuze on the way.  I saw that I can get the IE7's refurbished from an authorized Sennheiser dealer on Amazon for $94.  Should I jump on these or go with something else in that price range. I'd like to stay around a...
  5. Shizdan

    Comply TX-500 Worth The Price?

    I rarely wear my Sennheiser IE-7 anymore due to my ears wanting to bleed due to the tips. Any comments regarding the TX series of tips (Mainly TX-500)
  6. Thor4life

    Not digging IE7s

    So, I'm just going to lay this out there. I'm really, really not liking the IE7s. Way too powerful bass for my taste. They have had about 100hrs of burn in on them, and I've tried them with with a tight seal, loose seal, amped/not amped, and just can't deal with them anymore. Now I start the...
  7. Polynomial

    Sennheiser IE7 or Sony MDR-EX700

    Hey everyone. I have been researching these two earphones for a while, but I can't find any direct comparisons of the two.   I can get the Sony MDR-EX700 for £15.50 more than the Sennheiser IE7, so I was just wondering which one you guys thinks has better sound quality and is better overall...
  8. kristof86

    Sennheiser ie7 Fake? PICTURES

    Hi everyone!I would like to buy a sennheiser ie7, and a guy who i like to buy from send these pictrures? They come with 100 EU. Can Somebody tell me from these pictures that is fake or not? Thanks!!!          
  9. zefa

    $150 Senn IE7 on TTVJ or $178 radius DDM in MusicaAcoustics?

    i have been looking for my first IEM (and portable gear) after several years of using an AKG K501 from a desktop amp.   mind you, i've not decided what DAP i'm going to pair the IEM with (or whether or not i'll buy a portable amp), but from the reviews i've read these two IEMs seem to be...
  10. blink3281

    Good IEMs for under $200

    Hello, I am new to the site so sorry for my limited vocabulary.   I am looking for some nice IEMs for under $200, but the price is semi-flexible. This seems like the best site for advice on this, so could you guys please recommend some good IEMs for me? heres some stuff about what I listen...
  11. s2odin

    cx-300 to UE triplefi 10

    I have been creeping on these forums for a while, and picked up an s:flo2 from a member on here, so I had a question regarding my IEMs.  I googled this, and didn't come up with anything, so was wondering if anyone had any opinions.   I am currently using a pair of Sennheiser CX-300 II's.  I...
  12. TheDreamthinker

    Sennheiser ie7 or Fischer Audio DBA-02......any comparison?

    Hi,   anybody can compare these 2 iems?
  13. pHEnomIC

    Want new IEMS for xmas. Klipsch?

    I want to get iems for xmas.  150$ is the absolute most, however the less, the better. Listen to techno, rock, rap, etc. Source: Macbook pro or iphone, fiio e5 as needed.   I love my denon d5000s, and my re-2's are decent.  I hated addiems, sounded very bland and nothing special about...
  14. janw

    any good cable for recabling? europe, digikey?

    Hi, I've a Phonak PFE, IE7 and SF5 Pro, all with original cables long gone... :-/   My Sennheiser IE7's "kevlar" cable began cracking after 4 months. Earlier two cables slipped out of the T-piece. On the SF5 i put cat5 ethernet twisted pair, durable, but too heavy duty and not flexible.  ...
  15. wtfwtflol

    Maximun BASS from IEMs

    Hi everybody.   A week ago I ordered the Monster Turbines when it was $58 on amazon. Hoping to finally get a pair of IEM that could satisfy my hunger for bass. After 4 days of testing and burn-in, I must say these failed miserably compared to the Playaz N1 with the foam tip. On a scale of...
  16. Cycle10s

    IE7 vs X5 vs DBA-02?

    Does anyone have experience comparing these?   I'm looking for something in the $100-$200 range that has great mids and is fun to listen to without a pronounced U-shaped sound signature. I also don't want something that is too sterile sounding.   So I thought I had narrowed it down to...
  17. morganbye

    Fake or real: Sennheiser IE 7 s

    When you have a certain taste in music, you develop quite an ear for it. And at that point you find yourself hating poor quality equipment, which inevitably means you're doomed for the rest of your life in spending quite a lot of money.   As a result of my Shure earphones going walkabout, it...
  18. Cycle10s

    IE7 Sensitivity/Loudness?

    How sensitive/loud are the IE7's? Their 16 ohm resistance and 120 dB SPL lead me to believe that they are quite loud.   Can anyone comment on how loud they are compared to other IEMs such as the Klipsch S4 or Custom series? Also, does anyone know whether using an in-line volume control or...
  19. styliztik_jones

    How long do the Sennheiser ie7 last for?

    I bought the ie7 earphones a year ago and was wondering how long do they last until they start wearing down.   I ask this because I have been wanting to upgrade to the ie8 and don't know how much longer should I wait.
  20. apoon204

    Sennheiser IE7 vs IE8: Comfort?

      Hi All~ By searching this forum I know lots of technical differences between these 2 earphones. But I would like to know from the user experience, especially for those who own both: Which one you think is more comfort in wearing?   IE7 has a special shape with the pointly tip at...
  21. WillTFJ

    Senny IE7's vs Custom (Your Advice!)

    Hey guys (first post, so don't take any lack of information or forum etiquette personally, just call me a noob!),   I have the Sennheiser IE7's (but they just broke, warranty replacement though! Win, although burn in starts again at 0 hrs...) and I usually use them when I'm out of the house...
  22. damon796

    New earphones; Etymotic, Phonak or Sennheiser?

    At the moment i have some Sennheiser CX 270's and i'm wanting to upgrade to a decent set of earphones (wanting to spend around £130).   I've been looking around, reading different reviews etc and i've narrowed my choice down to 3. The Etymotic Research ER-4P's, Phonak Audeo PFE 112's and the...
  23. djbasketball1

    Which earphones are the best for techno/trance music?

    I listen to lots of techno/trance music. I was wondering what the best earphone under 200$ for this kind of genera  of music would be. Please help!!
  24. TheDreamthinker

    Sennheiser ie7 vs Klipsch s4

    Hi,   First of all, I know that they are both not in the same pricerange.   Can somebody compare the not regarding the price?     Thanks
  25. rawrster

    [Review] Sennheiser IE7

      Introduction   I have recently gotten my hands on a pair of Sennheiser IE7 which is a real treat for me. These were supposed to be my first pair of good earphones a couple years ago but things never worked out unfortunately but I have finally gotten to hear these. Also I do realize...