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Fix Completely Cracked and Broken Headphones Guide

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by eriktheg, Apr 30, 2011.
  1. eriktheg
    Notes: This will work for the majority of headphones that have a shell made of plastic.
    This is a 30 minute project to save your headphones if they are broken apart.
    Okay, So I had a pair of headphones, and the Plastic Head cracked in half on one of the sides, and at first had no clue how to reliably fix it. So I tried using Epoxy, which gave me a little bit of luck, but it couldn't hold the tension for long and split once more.
    So I decided to do something more advanced using garadge tools, which for many may take a little bit of skill.
    I wanted to originally put 2 plates on both sides, but my dad told me that it would still not hold if I did that. So after that I ran out of ideas. So I started looking around in the garadge for othe things. And my dad came in and recommended that instead of making 2 plates, 1 on each side, just take a steel sheet of metal and wrap it around the cracked area very tightly. So I decided to give it a try.
    Take a sheet of steel/Steel Strap that messures 1/2 or 2/3 of a mm thick, atleast 1" wide, and around 4-6" long depending on how big the Plastid Head Band on the headphones are. I used 4½".  I used a strap of steel that said "Hanger metal Strap" on the box with no segnificant manufacturer name. It looks something like this;
    Then I planned out how I would wrap it around and seal it tight so it stays very firmly on the headphones. This is what I came up with. (The line is the 4½" steel strap that I used, laying face down)
     So I tried it, knowing it was the last thing that I could do because my dad told me to dispose of the headphones if this solution didn't work. First thing is first, find a way to get the headphone to keep together. In this case, I was holding the 2 sides together and my dad wrapped the straps around.After wrapping the Steel strap sheet around the cracked part of the plastic head of the headphones, It actually worked like nothing was ever ever wrong with it. I stretched the headphones back and forth a little to feel how sturdy it was holding, and It kept really firm. Now the last thing to do was to drill some holes through the Steel strap and secure it to the headphones with screws. This was done to ensure that if the 2 sides were pulled apart, they would hold firmly together within the Steel Strap..
    Now for the drilling: The bottom spot where there is 4 Steel straps holding eachother together, I decided to put some small screws that I found im my garadge onto the headphones. I took a drill and started drilling until It went through the 4 Steel Straps, and a little bit into the plastic of the headphones. I drilled 2 holes in total through the 4 plates and secured 2 screws. Then I went on the other side and drilled 4 smaller holes through the Steel strap and a little into the plastic. I found 4 even smaller screws in my garadge and screwed them in.
    After drilling, screwing and a little stress testing, I covered the headphones with paper and masking tape, and spraypainted it with whatever color spraypaint I could find in my garadge. Fortunately, the spraypaint that I found was black, which suited the color of my headphones just perfectly.
    The end result was this:
    The reason I don't have pictures of how I applied the steel strap to the headphones is because I did it a month ago, and it still feels as if I just put it together yesterday (My 3 brothers use the headphones daily, 1 after the other while I use my ATH-M50's lol).
    `Edit*: The red lines display the location where the headphones had cracked a month before;
    Anyways, It works like a charm and looks like a charm. What do you think?
    Correct me if I have slight mistakes in my own post since this is my very first guide. If I have bad wording or uncommon terms, inform me so I can make corrections.
    The approximate cost it takes to fix these headphones is about 5$, considering that you buy a small role of metal straps/steel straps.
    Considering that you knocked on your neighbors door to ask for a piece costs $0. =]
    The reason I say "my dad" is because I'm in my upper teenage years still if you wanna know...
    End of Tutorial.. Please Comment =]
  2. Frankie K
    Good tip and a job well done! You should post this in the DIY section.   [​IMG]  Kudos to Your Dad for suggesting that You use 1 strip instead of 2.
  3. noobpower2
    funny, i have these exact same headphones cracked at the exact same place. it was one of my headphones before i started looking at hifi.
  4. ssavage
    Not bad at all
  5. eriktheg
    I know lol. But I saw a picture of another member on these forums that had cracked headphones once more in that same exact spot.... And I felt bad at how ugly his/her fix looked like so I decided to make an entire tutorial for him/her so they can fix it neatly instead of sloppily. Then they replied to me that it would be a shame if I didn't bring it out to head-fi so I made a tutorial for everyone to see, not just him/her =]
    Anyways, if you have the same exact headphones, or headphones that are made of plastic like this and don't feel like throwing them in the trash, then you might as well fix them. These headphones sound bad and are definitely not hifi.. but I did this cuz i felt bad that my bros were listening to even worse headphones after these broke, so a fix had to be done.
  6. c64
    What can work too is cut an old credit card in to strips to fit and tape them in place

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