Fischer Audio Cepheus Quick Review
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Oct 31, 2008
Fischer Audio Cepheus Quick Review

Brief:  Fischer Audio makes a pink HD218 but bassyer.
Price:  Only place I could find was Ebay for US$45 delivered.
Specification:  20-20000 Hz 114 dB 32 Om 100 mW
Accessories:  None.
Build Quality:  I like it, it looks good and in the hand it feels really nicely put together.  The plastics feel solid and substantial.  The cable likewise feels really nice, flexible and sturdy.
Isolation:  Erm not really much of any.
Comfort/Fit:  Comfort is really nice, of course it may not be for your ears but its pads were soft and gentle on mine.  Fit was fine too giving me no issues.
Aesthetics:  Fischer Audio describes the colour of these as “coral.”  I describe it as pink, more specifically it looks like they were aiming for red and missed.  However should you be fine with the colouring of these then they look really nice in the flesh.
Sound:  First impressions of these are positive; they have a good level of bass output and enough of on edge in the highs to make them stand out clearly.  Oh what’s also really noticeable is that these are stupidly loud compared to the HD218 so if you have a quiet player these will be able to blast you into next week without any effort.  Volume aside the more I listen to these the less I like.  There isn’t anything wrong but they just aren’t engaging.  They are warm and a bit on the muddy side.  The bass is just that bit too big and a bit too flabby, the mids are just a bit too far back too.  The highs are pushed back as well and what you get is an edge and not much after.  While it’s a pretty midbass centric sound some will like (mostly because it’s what they are used to) I can’t say that it’s really offering me anything I can recommend.  The bass is just too thick and I find it really tiring on my ears.  That said there isn’t anything to make me bash it either.
Value:  Since the only price I found was US$45 that’s what I’ll have to use and I have to give it a thumbs down.  I can buy an HD218 and FiiO E3 for less than that and it will give me pretty much exactly the same in sound, volume and fit.
Pro’s:  They look and feel nice, they are stupid easy to drive, comfy.
Con’s:  Not worth their cost, “coral” coloured.
Thanks to Advanced Headphones for the samples

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