[First Impressions] Audio Technia ATH-FC700
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Jul 31, 2011
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Jul 31, 2011
Hi, I'm relatively new to this community and in no way do I consider myself an audiophile. However, I thought it'd be nice to contribute a little by sharing my first impressions of my first headphones, the ATH-FC700. Well here it is! Hope you enjoy!

NOTE: These are my impressions RIGHT OUT OF THE BOX. I don't have the time or the energy to "burn in" these headphones, so I have no clue if what I'm hearing is the final sound.

Comfort:  After about 2 hours of use, my ears started to hurt. But these are my first pair of headphones so I’ll give these some more time.
Isolation:  Above average, but can’t say it’s the best. Wont speak of sound bleeding since I haven’t asked anyone if they can hear my music :p
Some Listening tests:
Silent Tension by Bloc Party in Silent Alarm [V0]
The bass is how it should be: distinct “bumps” as in “ba bump” (if that makes any sense).  The vocals are clear and the guitar in the outro section (after “so f***ing useless”) is also detailed and sounds very good. I also love the static in the beginning of the song and the phaser (I think it’s called that) soon afterward before the vocals.
 Printemps Emeraude by Alcest in Souvenirs D’un Autre Monde [v0]
Again, the clarity of the guitars and the vocals shine through. Everything sounds on the warm side. Nothing to complain about.
Into the Ocean by Blue October in Foiled [320 kbps]
I recently discovered this album/band and I absolutely love the sound. Therefore, I honestly can’t tell if it’s the headphones or the song that sound(s) good haha. Either way, the bass is the perfect amount imo, the voices sounds excellent, and everything is pretty smooth. Have yet to cringe or notice something wrong or out of place.
Kings of Those Who Know by Cynic in Traced in Air
Instruments are amazing here. I even noticed some special effects/details in the very intro that I never noticed before (maybe because I’m trying to?). The vocals are slightly above average, but mainly because the instrumentals are so good (Loving the drums in this song). And omg the very last outro is fantastic.
Your Hand In Mine by Explosions in the Sky in The Earth is Not a Cold Dead Place [V0]
I think this song is hurt by the somewhat muddy bass… But this is really a personal preference. Maybe its just because my ears are tired but the rumbling rolling bass is kinda annoying. Funny because I never really noticed it before with earphones.
Walls of Jericho by Fair to Midland in Fables From A Mayfly: What I Tell You Three Times Is True
Hmm…. I’m now undecided about the bass. I feel like at some points it is very ample and serves its purpose, but other times, like in this song, if I feel that it is too muddy and the bass kind of “vibrates” in terms of volume… I have no clue if that makes sense. Maybe because I need to “burn in” these headphones?
Tornado by Jonsi in Go [V0]
When I heard Jonsi live, this song was exactly as I imagined it: warm, fuzzy, and sounds coming in from all directions in a mad “tornado”, if you will, of epicness. Unfortunately, I never felt the same experience, but I’m probably asking for too much here :p.
Kvelertak [FLAC]
Very fun and once again detailed. I like the role of the bass in this album, treble is good, maybe a little too much.
I think my ears hurt now from trying out too many earphones/headphones at the Earphoneshop and etc so I’ll stop here. Also, the pain from the headphones themselves is quite noticeable.
If anyone has suggestions/recommendations let me know! 
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