First Final Audio Design Headphone
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That's not even a competition is it? 

It's just a list of flagships sorted by price.

Correct it's just a list of the most expensive headphones from each brand, and my sense of humour. Hey at least this headphone claimed 1st place in something. :wink:
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Anyone else see the resemblance to the vintage Pioneer SE L40? 

I'd say they were "heavily inspired" by the Pioneers at the very least.


Hehe, I have a pair of SE-L40's in very nice shape, but I couldn't help chuckling when you said "heavily inspired" the shape of the cups (cylinder & beveled edge) of the Final Audio prototype gave me the exact same impression. Hey, if you were to wear/hoist them on your head, those Final Audio's just might make an "impression"... Literally! :p
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They look ugly!

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1.3 kg.. are you are we suppose to handle that 

Thats the same weight as my helmet for medieval reenactment...And thats bullet, sword and idiot proof....Plus you can wear iems under it if you so please - I doubt that thing does any of that...And its pretty much just a copy of a few headphones from the early 70's O_o
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LOL. Don't use these on the go. If you drop it, your toe is the first to hurt, then your heart will.

Or your wallet when you have to pay for the repair of the broken concrete or dented car...
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Any word from the company on the official name for this can or whether it's actually in existence beyond the initial project?
The aforementioned price list looks awkward with a piece of vaporware at the top.
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Not sure if anyone has posted this yet, but mkutoba1 mentioned it in his tokyo headphone festival thread.
Final Audio Design Headphone:  You have to see these to believe them.  Someone told me that they weighed around 1.3kg (just under 3lbs.).  I would say that would be on the conservative side.  I wasn't sure if these were for real when I picked them up.  And the weight is just part of it.  The clamping force on these things?  At rest they're about 2-3 inches smaller than my head, which is average-sized from most accounts.  To pull these apart you almost need tools.  Think medieval torture device.  I was afraid I was going to break them.  But that would probably be impossible because the headband is as solid as it looks.  There was nothing to listen to, as this was only a prototype and the real thing is due out sometime next year.  There is already a thread here on Head-Fi about these here.
from here:
frankly I dont care how they sound - if they inflict grevious bodily harm and come for the price of a 009, they cant be worth it.
just my 2c.
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some one should make a list of all the top-tier headphones according to weight...

The HD800 has no chance on that list, and anything with a built-in amp and NC circuitry (I'm looking at you, Monster) would way more. It would still be an interesting list, albeit a bit more flawed than the price-based one.

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