FiiO's new Q1 portable DAC-amp: Let's drink to "Happy Listening"!

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by joe bloggs, Sep 12, 2015.
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  1. gnosis
    Does the Fiio Q1 work as a DAC with the Samsung Galaxy S3? Works just fine on my PC - the audio quality is noticeably improved. Where as on my S3, even when I connect it to the Q1 via a micro to micro usb OTG cable the sound quality isn't noticeably improved like it is on my PC. It plays via the OTG cable - but I am unsure if the DAC is working like it should because like I said, the Q1 through my PC sounds much better through my phone. I only listen to Spotify on my phone for reasons.
  2. FiiO
    Dear friend,

    We have not advertised the DAC function for smartphones actively, however as long as the smartphone is capable of USB Audio output, the Q1 should theoretically work with it. You may try turning off USB charging on the Q1 and try this APPs(USB Audio Player Pro, Hiby Music) to see whether it helps.

    Best regards
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  3. Indrajit
    HI i am planning to buy a Fiio q1. Fiio q1 dac section states that it can play music upto 24/96. But if i use fiio Q1(as an amp only) with Fiio x1 then will the x1+q1 combo play 24/192 files on my x1 ?
  4. Brooko Contributor
    The bit rate and sampling rat only apply to a digital signal. Once it's past the DAC the signal is in the analog realm. At that stage bit rate and sampling rate don't apply. So your question can't be answered as the Q1 simply amplifies whatever analog signal is supplied by the X1.
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  5. Dzemo
    Hi Guys,

    I am planning to get Q1 and since it is my first amp/dac I have a bunch of questions and would
    appreciate it if you guys can answer them:

    1. I already have X1 and want to use Q1 as amplifier. This is how I got an impression it should be done; please confirm if it is correct
    way or correct me if I am wrong:

    - in X1 options I change the output from headphones to line out
    - connect the two devices together via X1's headphone out and Q1's aux/line out port using the short 3,5mm - 3,5mm IC cable provided in the box

    2. Please explain how to use Q1 amp side only with an android phone since those do not have line out?
    Do I just connect using X1's in port and phones headphone out with IC cable? Is that double amping or is there a more effective way to do it?

    3. How to use Q1 to amplify sony's A15 signal - if I use its headphone out only would it mean I am not bypassing sonys amp but double amping?
    Is there a sony propriety cable that I can use to amp it correctly? If yes, kindly advise what it is and how do i go connecting A15 and Q1 in order to amplify its signal only, not bypass its dac cos reckon Q1's dac does not sound better?

    4. This is the most complicated and confusing one I guess. How do I use Q1 as a dac with android phone? What is the cable I need for it?
    I know it is called OTG cable but those have micro USB to USB ends and I guess can be used to connect USB sticks
    or external memory drives to the phone? Does Q1 have mini or micro USB port, in which case I would probably need micro to micro OTG and those do not seem to be common cables - can I use regular OTG cable (micro to USB) and then have a bridge with a normal USB cable (USB to micro) that usually come with phones?

    5. Last but not least, what should be the volume level of the source device when amped? I have heard people say full blast, some say 50 percent - what is correct?

    Sorry guys, I know that is many questions but I am a noob regarding amps/dacs, have not owned any before. Thanks a bunch for all your input and help.
  6. FiiO
    Dear friend,

    I have replied some of your questions. It is recommended to have a try in the local store first.

    Best regards
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  7. Sp12er3
  8. Dzemo
  9. brfest
    Hi, i have Akg K240 and when i use with Q1 the volume gets lower than in my jvc ha-s400. Do you think i will need a new amp/dac to get louder volume with k240 ? I am thinking to get Smsl m3, what you suggest ?
  10. Sp12er3
    man, the 240 is one of the hardest headphone I know existed, esp the vintage one! Stand side by side with the infamous HE6.
    I recommend getting a Class A tube amp (hybrid is fine) for pure driving power for cheap.
    Last edited: Jul 13, 2017
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  11. brfest
    Thanks for the answer ! My k240 is the 55ohm version that's why I find it strange the fiio Q1 handle the k240 with low volume compared with jvc ha-s400.
    Can you recommend a brand and model of Class A tube amp ?
  12. Sp12er3
    A good one to start with for a Hybrid is like the BravoAudio amps, V2 if you don't mind the DIY look, i have the Ocean which look more finished.
    Or a Little Dot amp is also good.

    Keep in mind only go this way if you don't mind the heat, as they can go pretty warm, hot even on its heatsink.
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  13. brfest
    what do you say about Xduoo TA-01, its a good brand ? I will be able to extract all power from the Akg K240 MKII ?
  14. carmatic
    I just purchased a Q1 and I wish the bass switch's frequency cutoff was lower
    As it is, it covers too wide a range of frequencies, almost reaching up to the lower mids, making the sound feel kind of bloated when it is turned on, although it seems to coincide with the frequencies of what would normally be 'bass' instruments in musical compositions , irrespective of the genre
    Ideally the bass is kept tight and punchy and rumbly
  15. Sp12er3
    The bass switch on the Q1 is better for movie watching / gaming rather than pure music listening, agree with you that some times it does feel like it muddles up th e frequency a bit, but for other things than music, the quantity and width of frequency is perfect IMO
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