FiiO's new Q1 portable DAC-amp: Let's drink to "Happy Listening"!

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by joe bloggs, Sep 12, 2015.
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  1. carmatic
    but it certainly also depends on the genre of music... a bass boost wouldn't make sense with some genres such as folk or classical
  2. Sp12er3
    Well of course, I for example, still switch them on while listening to "Starboy" right now, but for my daily dose of acoustic music? no it's off.
  3. Husak Gabi

    Ich bin aus Österreich und habe ich eine Sony xperia XZ telefon ,eine Philips fidelio S2 kopfhörer ,und heute habe ich eine Fiio A3 und eine Q1 bekommen .
    Bei mir über Dac mit Sony Q1 viel lauter als der A3 ,aber nur über DAC .Über kopfhörer ausgang A3 lauter als Q1 .
    Wie könnte dass sein ?Meine Sony XZ über USB gibt eine stärkere Signal außer ?
    Für meine Ohr besser klingt irgendwie und lauter das Q1.
    Aber noch interessant in Verpackung 190 mW mit 16 Ohm .Normale weiße mit 32 Ohm hat 190 mW ,oder?[​IMG]

  4. Sp12er3
    Errr... Speak English please.. This is not a German headphone community..

    Though yeah the A3's and Q1's Line In is amplifying the already amplified signal of the headphone out from the XZ, unless it has the ability to use Line Out you're double amping an amp. So, if you set the volume of the source quite high that happen, discrepancies in driving power, of course If I remember correctly the A3 in spec do push slightly stronger than Q1 when its amp only.

    While the Q1 in USB DAC only got digital signal that then amplified internally once only (some may argue that this is a more direct path thus make it cleaner)

    When in Line in mode you have preference of one over the other, its more on the amp sound characteristics rather than one doing better than the others when driving a Fidelio S2, unless you have one playing a bit louder when A/B ing, human have tendencies to think that louder sounds better, such is the importance of volume matching.
  5. Sam Wayne
    Can anybody please tell me if Fiio Q1 supports OnePlus 3T for DAC functionality? Has anyone tried?
  6. NickosD
    A quick search would give you an answer but anyway.
    It does. You need to find a micro usb to usb type c cable
  7. Sam Wayne
  8. Sam Wayne
    Received my Q1 and its working without any issues with my OP3T and amazon basic USB-c to micro-USB cable. All of the system sounds are routed through the DAC when attached. So, I can play Soundcloud, youtube, podcasts app, any music app etc. I use poweramp alpha build 704 with USB DAC support for listening to music from the internal memory.There is no background noise with my Oneplus bullets V2 or M20X. The volume through DAC is enough for me. On high gain, I listen at 3-5 in the pot depending on my headphone or the music. But it is a bit on the lower side when using DAC that I can tell. Audio glitching is present but very rare. Sound quality is very good. Activating high gain increases clarity and the soundstage widens substantially.Overall a very good DAC.
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  9. Dipper
    Q1 works perfect on Redmi note 3 using otg cable. The DAC does improve the sound. Music is more airy, more empty space, bigger soundstage. Less bleeding. More treble extension; Noticeable on the anime soundtrack "you say run", when the violins gradually increase in treble. I'm not 100% sure on any bass improvements, it's hard to tell.
  10. Pete7874
    Just got one of these for my laptop to use as an external DAC. For $55, this is quite a nice improvement in overall sound quality... bottom end is fuller and better textured and treble is cleaner. And when used as an amp, it's quite powerful, too. It gets louder than my Shanling M3s DAP's internal amp. Fit and finish is quite good as well. Nice job, Fiio!

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  11. AJZ0
    As a happy owner and frequent user of a FioO E6 since its release many years ago, I was in need of a more capable amp for my new HiFiMAN HE400i as plugging in to my AV receivers was rather limiting. I also wanted an external DAC.

    After much research and many temptations from here, Massdrop and elsewhere to spend between more money and lots more money, I got a new Q1 through Amazon for US$53.99. After charging it I tested the line in from the headphone out of my Nexus 5, USB out from my PC and - with a cheap OTG MicroUSB to female USB A and a USB A male to MicroUSB cable - successfully tested 24 bit 96 kHz USB audio from my Nexus 5*. In all three cases I heard sounds of greater quality that I've heard through any headphone I've owned. Even a family member who is not know for audiophilia described it as "like having your own theater".

    With the gain switch set to Low, the maximum volume was somewhat quiet, but on High I didn't have to rotate the volume knob far to get as much volume as I wanted. The big surprise - despite reading the same reported by others - was the bass boost. In all cases I've encountered before a "bass boost" was a sign of poor quality and served only to make low frequencies sound unpleasant from a device with poor reproduction. I don't use the EQ options on my E6. While I don't consider myself a basshead, I do enjoy quality low frequency reproduction (hence the multiple SVS subwoofers at home and bass mods on my Sennheiser HD439s) so I was delighted when switching on the bass boost on the Q1 seemed to not so much boost of a low frequency band as a filling in of the sound all the way down - almost as if having the bass boost off was actually applying a high pass filter.

    Another surprise was when I plugged in my Monoprice Modern Retro Over Ear Headphones (#16150) at work where I usually drive them though my E6. Since I seem to be about the only voice singing the praises of this $16 marvel I won't do so again here, but with the Q1 Paul Leonard-Morgan's excellent "Dredd: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack" made me feel like I was in the theater.

    Thanks to all the reviewers here for their advice.

    *[Using PowerAmp alpha-build-703-play with Hi-Res Output (Experimental) Direct hardware 24-bit (6/ 192kHz USB DAC)]
  12. TidalWave
    Stupid question: if I use a 3.5mm to 2.5mm TRRS adapter with non-balanced standard 3.5mm headphone cable to plug into the Balanced jack on the Q1, will I get the higher power output of the Balanced mode?

    Also, anyone here using Q1 mark II with Audeze Sine and no additional amp? (vs. with Cipher cable)
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  13. FiiO
    Dear friend,

    Will not.

    Best regards
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  14. alwinvrm
    Just to report back to this helpful community. I experience a step up in sound quality listening with iem's with the Spotify extreme files that seem to be > mp3 320 kbs quality. Just have the Q1 and not sure whether the amp, the DAC, or both deserve credit for the improvement. Also nice too know that in case I will ever have a telephone with a high quality DAC, the Q1 can still function as a useful headphone amp.

    Q1 works fine and plays Spotify streaming extreme quality through the phone's USB (Q1 in DAC + amp mode) with Moto G5 plus and android v 7.
    - works with OTG USB on the phone's USB port. Non OTG cable didn't work for me.
    - developer settings USB > audio
    - Charge on the Q1 in off position

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  15. FiiO
    Dear friend,

    Thanks for the feedback. May help some other users.

    Best regards
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