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FiiO X5 preview world tour--tour members, claim your souvenir for the X5 tour! p.123

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by joe bloggs, Dec 20, 2013.
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  1. musicheaven

    tlfa (too long fell asleep)
    Very nice review! In your supported files table you haven't listed DSD. Does this player support it? Also do you think the optical out will take in older disc man with optical out since this player acts as a dac too?
    I wanted a Sony ZX so bad but since many of these new players are coming out with newer support files, I can't risk buying something that lacks what new players are offering even if the UI is lagging.
  3. H20Fidelity Contributor


    I think DSD is planned for future firmware updates?

    I don't think X5 will work with your Sony Discman, I could be wrong though it doesn't seem possible.
  4. miceblue
    Yeah, DSD is planned for a future firmware. The touring ones don't have DSD decoding.
  5. HK_sends
    But oddly enough for me, the sound was the most difficult and the UI and features the easiest (although I do admit I get somewhat long-winded[​IMG]).  That's the beauty of the tour...so many reviews brings an overall balance to the picture.
    ...and no, I didn't think your comments were directed at me personally, I just thought it was amusing that our perspectives were polar opposite (and honestly, that's a good thing).[​IMG]
    All in good fun![​IMG]
    -HK sends
  6. H20Fidelity Contributor

    Of course, I was not directing my comment to anyone, sorry if it leaned that way. [​IMG] More explaining my own system. Each person is different how they approach things.

    One must also keep in mind with what I said that a 'short winded' review is not fair either on the company, so balance is the key IMO.


    The X5 preview unit will be with me for another 2 days then moving on to our next Australain tour member. 
  7. HK_sends
    I don't think anyone (including me) thought anything was directed at them and I really wasn't trying to stir up anything.  I just thought it was curious and that's half the fun of these forums...different perspectives![​IMG]
    I can't wait for the X5 to be released and to watch it fulfill its potential...
    Cheers and All the Best![​IMG]
    -HK sends
  8. Barra
    Wow, having shipped the tour unit on to the next tour member I am going through some serious X5 withdrawals. I really hate being chained to the desktop to get that kind of sound and my DX50/BH2 stack just doesn't do it for me anymore now after being spoiled by the X5.
  9. HK_sends
    I know the feeling! [​IMG]
    -HK sends
  10. H20Fidelity Contributor
    @doublea71 I'm interested in your thoughts how you find X5 compared to your Cowon J3? :)

    Is the X5 pulling away from J3 nicely for you?
  11. reihead
    +1 :frowning2:
  12. doublea71

    It was a bit tough to go back to the J3 - I heard things on the X5 I just can't hear with my current dap and it is also fuller sounding at the same time. Some recordings did sound a bit harsh to me at higher volumes, but as long as the mastering is good, there isn't an issue. Beck's Morning Phase is a recording that sounds a bit harsh with the X5 - I don't think it's well-mastered at all, certainly not on the level of Sea Change. I even have the HDTracks version and it sounds no better than standard flac...I was looking forward to this release, so this was disappointing. But it does show how revealing the X5 is - lesser recordings are not spared (depending on your headphones, of course). One recording that knocked my socks off on the X5 was Alison Krauss' Paper Airplanes - a real 'aha' moment for me when I plugged in my Mad Dogs. The only advantage of the J3 is its weight and battery life - it's truly portable and it's easy to forget that it's in my shirt pocket. The X5 is more of a serious-sit down-drop everything-just listen kind of dap; the J3 is less engrossing, something you use while doing stuff (I plan lessons for classes), but still decent. I'm hoping the X1 can eclipse the J3 - I do prefer a dap with a smaller footprint. 
  13. darkarn
    Just wondering, anyone have any "sudden power down" issues with the X5? I had my first one this afternoon but I cannot pinpoint the cause.
  14. H20Fidelity Contributor

    I agree, X5 is a little on the large size and possibly suited as you said for room environments. Considering some of the rigs we see in the pictures thread many will probably handle the unit on the go still. I owned a J3 they're a stylish looking unit rather smooth and forgiving of a recording. I'm still deciding on X5, I really want one for my ER4S, though It would probably be solely for them alone as my other higher end hybrids have been matched with sources already. Tough audio decisions, how do we cope. :p
  15. H20Fidelity Contributor

    Happened to me once and only once right towards the end of a track. It just shut down. Considering the unit was so very stable (I mean very stable next my DX50 experience) I didn't bring it up in my review.
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