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FiiO X5 preview world tour--tour members, claim your souvenir for the X5 tour! p.123

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by joe bloggs, Dec 20, 2013.
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  1. musicheaven

    Got it a few times so bad I could not revive the player other than pressing the reset button. The worst is that it's random so could not repeat it.
  2. darkarn
    Thanks guys, I will go upgrade to new firmware and see if this will still occur.
  3. dwong

    How does the X5 pair with the DN-1000s? Do you prefer a different DAP pairing with the Dunus over the X5?
  4. H20Fidelity Contributor

    It pairs very well, they scale up quite a lot with X5, especially the soundstage and overall detail levels. I still use them with Colorfly C3 but it's not the same. The X5 has it beaten.
  5. darkarn
    Alright, another quick question: What format does the album art should be in? I can see some album art but they are being cut off at the bottom for some reason...
    PS: And yes, I think FW1.10's lockscreen behaviour is no good, especially on Lockscreen Mode 2.
  6. darkarn
    Quick note: I tried to use a school computer that does not have any X5 driver to just charge my X5 and have the X5 play music (i.e. don't use DAC or USB storage) but kept having strange operation (e.g. music stop playing after some songs => hang even after unplugging the USB cable). There is no issue in using a portable charger though.
    I know this is not exactly the recommended way of using the X5 according to the Quick Guide but I think there should be a third USB mode to allow charging from a computer (and thus most probably prevent such issues)
  7. bowei006 Contributor
    Video review of X5 will be up tomorrow.
    It should be around 20 minutes and will feature an extensive review of it. 
  8. miceblue
    Hang as in the screen still gets displayed after disconnecting? I had that problem too.
  9. cooperpwc
    Just twice over two plus months of extensive use. That's quite stable for my purposes.
  10. darkarn
    I think so, sequence of events: play music > connect to computer for charging > music stops after a while > disconnect to try to fix it > X5 completely unresponsive > hold down power button for very long > X5 shuts down > hold down power button > X5 back to normal
    Once per month... That's a little high to me though given most DAPs in the market don't have such issues to begin with (I think)
  11. batteraziiz
    I think the term "stable" is being used too loosely for a DAP that costs $400. That's a lot of scratch for the -average- person to throw down for a music player. The number of crashes should be at 0. Why can't companies simply test more before release? I realize Fiio is a relatively small-to-medium fish in a big pond, but c'mon....
  12. cooperpwc
    It's not perfect but my iPhone 3GS used to crash. My iPad Mini has crashed. My Nokia 920 has crashed. My Thinkpad X301 running Windows 7 has crashed. My Rockboxed Classic has crashed. My DX50 has crashed. I am not sure that I have owned many pieces of electronics that did not. If it is a regular problem then it becomes annoying. That has not been the case yet with the X5.
  13. darkarn
    I guess the higher price point must have affected my judgement? :X
    Hmmm... Good point there, come to think of it, my Clip Zip is getting crankier than the X5 (maybe wear and tear issue?).
    Now, I would love to have my X5 crash more often... so that I can pinpoint the exact cause of such crashes and stop them once and for all. :wink:
  14. H20Fidelity Contributor

    You obviously never owned a DX50 on release. :wink: Part of what you're seeing is FiiO X5 in late beta stages, a very 'stable' beta stage for most parts. Without us and the small majority in China testing X5 before main release there would be a lot more problems. Basically you're here on the forums you're inside the deep workings of X5 becoming that device you're asking. But without us reporting the problems and FiiO knowing these issues it would take a lot longer. So of course you're going to see us reporting bugs, minor bugs at that. Having held X5 in my hand for 10 days it was rather a pleasure to use compared to some others that have issues and considered abandoned on firmware updates all together now.

    Patience goes a long way. 
    darkarn likes this.
  15. darkarn
    +1 This is why I am taking this X5 review seriously; as a Computing student, I will like to use whatever skills I have learnt so far and apply it here to make a better product.
    Besides, I am strongly considering it as an upgrade for my portable and desktop setup, so you can say that I am also making a small non-monetary investment here :p
    To prove my point, does anyone have the link to FW1.00? I am still unable to find it here and will like to have it to do some tests to prove something... weird about FW1.10. Found it on Fiio website (http://www.fiio.com.cn/UploadFiles/main/Images/download/X5FW1.00.zip) :X
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