FiiO releases the new firmware FW1.7.2 for X1 2nd gen

Discussion in 'FiiO' started by fiio, Oct 11, 2016.
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  1. FiiO
    Dear SimonAitch,
    Did you download a correct file:
    What message would appear in the X1II when you tried to update the firmware.
    Best regards
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  2. FiiO
    Dear dbaker1981,
    Sorry to hear about that.
    Please try to do a factory restore and set update media library to manual to see if the issue stays? 
    Best regards
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  3. SimonAitch
    Thank you, finally found a correct update.
  4. bruce1967
    When can we expect a new firmware update that will speed up the laggy UI and I mean a noticeable improvement not minor. Never?
  5. inox9
    I think they have temporally abandoned firmware for our device (last one was released 2 months ago).
    I see that X5 3rd gen which costs around 400$ and gets updates practically every week is a much more important device for them now.
  6. bruce1967

    Maybe they have done all they can with it and are moving on.
  7. dbaker1981

    Anytime they bring out a new product especially a more expensive one they have to get the initial bugs worked out quickly. After they stabilize the X5 iii then they'll probably have a couple people work on this one but you'll never have a bunch of updates and fixes coming cause this is the entry dap.
  8. bruce1967

    Yes I guess you're probably right. It's too bad could have been an excellent DAP.
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  9. -kent-
    I recently bought my first Fiio (X1 gen2) with the latest firmware already installed on it. A few things still bug me, but that's ok for now (I came from a 13 year old iPod classic :wink: )
    Is there any way to tell the system to clear the cache? The covers are all visible, but no matter what I change, they keep getting streched to fill the display instead of showing up normally. The settings are there, and I change the settings only to see the cover "jump" from normal right to streched again. It looks like a cache problem but I'm not sure. :/
    Is there any news on aptX? As I can remember, the hardware is inside, but the linux system stops the codec from working. Depending on the outcome (if it gets somehow a custom firmware or mod or official update for aptX) I would consider bluetooth headphones or wired ones. Currently I got my eyes on the V-Moda Crossfade Wireless 2. :)
  10. NickyNose
    Any word on a new FW update?
  11. NickyNose
    I did, but I finally stopped charging it with my computer and it seemed to stop acting up, so far. I have been using a Oppo HA-2 fast charger, but any device that can be plugged into a USB port to charge and has a charger that plugs into an electric outlet should work. All Apple iDevice chargers will work as should most other phones.
  12. FiiO
    Dear -kent-,
    About the album art display, you may read:
    There are 3 display option in the X1II. You can switch from the settings for Normal, Full screen or off.
    We have already got the authorization of APT-X. But the X1 2nd gen is running with Linux based on AMIPS architecture which is not on the support list of the APT-X Licenser. 
    So temporarily the X1 2nd gen doesn't support APT-X, but we will communicate further with the licenser in the future. Once it is approved, we will announce it immediately.
    Best regards
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  13. -kent-
    thanks for answering. I know of the three options, but they don't do anything - that is what I ment before with the "cache problem". 
    The OFF-option does its job, but the two other don't. Once I use either "normal" or "full screen", it's the same. Both strech the cover arts to the fullest instead of cutting of the bottom part. I tried it on around 400 songs and it's always the same. Sometimes it shows it correctly, only to jump to the other, streched version. 
  14. FiiO
    Dear -kent-,
    The cut of the cover display does not act like the thread tells by now. Our engineers would fix that to the standard in the thread in later firmware. But the normal one should display the ID3 and progress bar as well.
    Best regards
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  15. inox9
    I've installed the latest firmware (1.6.0) and didn't see any significant changes/improvements to the previous one (1.5.6).
    - File sorting in "All songs" list when there is a mix of english and non-english filenames is still not fixed. Files order is still totally messed up for me;
    - Gapless playback (that is mentioned in changelist) is still not "true" gapless. Yes, pause between tracks is quite unnoticable but I hear a crisp click when track is changed, but "true" gapless means IMO "no clicks and pauses seamless track changing";
    - ReplayGain tags support is still missing;
    - Overall interface performance is still not so good;
    The one change I've noticed is that library scan became a bit faster - 220 tracks (flac+mp3) ~ 15 sec.
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