FiiO releases the new firmware FW1.7.2 for X1 2nd gen

Discussion in 'FiiO' started by fiio, Oct 11, 2016.
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  1. Brooko Contributor
    Check the settings - there are 3 options for gapless:
    1. none
    2. fade-in/out
    3. gapless
    I had mine on none, and thought that emant no gps - but they were still there.  Changed to gapless and it is completely seamless (at least with Floyds albums anyway)
  2. FiiO
    Dear inox9,
    Thank you for the kind feedback. 
    1. If I didn't remember wrong, you have mentioned display issue with some words before. Would you mind sending some samples to us? Our engineers are still trying to fix this issue.
    2. What's the format of your songs having the issue with gapless?
    3. We will add Replaygain in latter firmware.
    We will keep on working hard and release better firmware for X1II. Thank you again and sorry if bringing incovenience to you.
    Best regards
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  3. alanllew
    I purchased my X1 2nd Gen for use in a cafe, so I understand my needs are different to most on here because I want to use a new batch of music every month and play it on shuffle so it doesn't become inevitable what song is coming next everyday.Therefore. the Shuffle and ReplayGain features are very important to me. Seems I have the wrong tool for the job but maybe I can workaround this?

    I read elsewhere that:
    1. Gapless playback doesn't work with shuffle?
    - In my case there was a pause between songs and it chopped off the beginning of the next song! That's super annoying and useless. Is this only with MP3 files?
    2. ReplayGain only works with FLAC files?
    - Doesn't seem to work with my MP3 files while on shuffle.
    - If I convert everything to FLAC will ReplayGain work?
  4. inox9
    Symbols were displayed correctly, I didn't say that. The order of files is totally broken in "All songs" list and also in "Browse files" section.
    To make it more understandable I've made a simple order comparsion where you can clearly see the issue.
    So, here is the CORRECT file order that I see on PC when browsing my SD card:
    But on the player I see a total mess (in "Browse files" section):
    Compare these 2 lists and you'll see that in second list order is broken from the early beginning (it's not full but I think it's enough to see the issue).
    For the gapless - I had an issue with mp3 files. I have an album that is actually mixed but divided into many separate mp3 files. I don't know whether gapless should work here, maybe it's designed only for single flac files with CUE file attached.
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  5. inox9
    There is no native ReplayGain support in this player now, so to make it work you should actually convert your files via foobar to apply RG physically to them.
    Of course this will decrease the quality a bit, but that's the only option for now.
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  6. Aiden88
    I upgraded to 1.6.0 from a 1.5.6 and seems works very good (i'm using only flac files):
    - the gapless function works well for me, FINALLY i can listen Pink Floyd (and others) without stops! 
    - the player seems faster (navigate in the menu, skip tracks, etc)
    - the update media library is faster
    I know that everyone has their own way of using this player, but for now i can't see any problems (for now XD)
    Thanks for you support @FiiO
  7. FiiO
    Dear inox9,
    We have reported the issue of sorting to our engineers. We will try to have a look in this issue.
    As for the gapless issue, yes, we are sorry that both MP3 and ogg are not available in gapless mode.
    Best regards
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  8. Aiden88
    Hi guys, what is the best way to have the lyrics displayed on X1? I use only FLAC files and i understand that i can't have the lyrics embedded.
  9. FiiO
    Dear Aiden88,

    The X1II supported character encodings for LRC files: ANSI, Unicode, UTF-8 with or without BOM. External LRC file should have the same filename as the music file.

    Best regards
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  10. SimonAitch
    Is there a maximum amount of tracks that can be added to a single playlist and "favourites" list ?
  11. topohiker
    Will the X1 II support MP3 gapless in future FW version? The X1 supports MP3 gapless.

  12. FiiO
    Dear SimonAitch,

    We haven't tested the maximum amount of the tracks of a single playlist so we can't give your a certain answer. But we also doesn't limit the amount of it as well.

    Best regards
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  13. FiiO
    Dear topohiker,

    The gapless of MP3 format is not supported in X1 as well. The X1II may not support it in later firmware as well. Sorry.

    Best regards
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  14. Chris Andrews
    I am getting update file error when updating to 1.6, I upgraded previously ok what is wrong?
  15. bruce1967
    That happened to me too so I tried using a different card for the update and it worked fine. If you don't have another card you could try formatting the card you have and then try flashing the firmware.
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