[FiiO FW5]HiFi True Wireless Armature Balanced Earbuds,96kHz/24bit Snapdragon Sound, LHDC support, Flagship TWS chip Qualcomm QCC5141 + independent AKM DAC/Amp AK4332
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A bit of a suggestion for perspective buyers of the FW5. I am very certain burn in is necessary for the DLC driver to open up. On first listen FW5 was bassy with some recession of the mids. Not so much now. The mids especially seems to open up as the bass end has tightened up too.

Burn in for a TWS is done by just simply using it. I have been letting music play through it for the hours to test out the battery life anyway so it worked out. My review unit sounds better than when I first heard it. So when you get them, burn them in. It gets even better.
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These things are awesome. The SQ is among the best your going to get for TWS sound. At the price Fiio is asking for a set these are a no brainer for loved ones that need excellent sounding TWS IEMs or for youself. My take on the FW5.
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Finally arrived, sound pretty good so far, controls not too intuitive, and to have Voice Assist (D/press) on both buds is dumb esp. as the user manual shows left bud should be AMB Mode so assume this will be added it later if they even update the App to support these as for now it does not.
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I would give them some time to run in with some music. That dynamic DLC driver is for the bass and mids and I wasn't overly impressed with the sound on open listen. You can hear the potential there but I thought the bass end was a bit boomy and mids a bit recessed. Thankfully after some use the bass end seems to tighen up and brings the mids more forward in the mix. It becomes much more balanced in the end. It sounds fantatic once you get them right.
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To be honest these are typical FiiO like my FiiO Neckband, I can hardly walk out the room and they break up.

So much for this design added a better Antenna, I can hardly go to my kitchen for a cup of tea which i can and even further with £50-80 earbuds like Soundpeats etc (all Class 2)

I have tried on my PC (intel AX210.WIFI 6E/BT 5.3)+large Antenna, FiiO BTA30 PRO+extension cable & larger Antenna and my aptX Adaptive Dongle, even with SBC the range is poor.

I have used on my phone out a walk for 1 hour but not tested range yet but my phone is Class 1 so it will (should) carry it (EDIT: makes zero difference, range is poor),

Are FiiO claiming these are Bluetooth Class 1 or 2 (more like 3) lol?

As you said, something was wrong with part of the bass (the rest of the bass was good), it just sounded wrong, and this was either listening to The Human League or Dire Straits (CD rips 320k) as they both have a few good songs I like to use to test.

EDIT: App update on FiiO site, not sure how not getting through Google Store on my phone.
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The fw5 are here.
They sound very good!
To my ears afters an hour listening, they are on the bright side so far!
I tried playing with some filters , didnt help!
I will let them run for some time before final judgement!
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Mine are dead now so on charge (lucky if I got 90mins on/off use with them but they were not fully charged out the box), going to need a few cycles to see how long they actually last but I do not have high hopes for the claimed battery life and 7 hours today with modern BT 5.2 Chipsets is not great (ok they have 3 drivers so uses more space and juice).

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