FiiO FH5 Quad Driver Hybrid In-Ear Monitors

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  1. FiiO
    FiiO FH5 is a Quad Driver Hybrid In-Ear Monitors that adopts four drivers per ear with three Knowles balanced armature drivers (ED30262 + TWFK-31082) and a 10mm polymer nanocomposite dynamic driver, which featuring:
    • Three Knowles Balanced Armature + one 10mm dynamic driver
    • Patented TRISHELL (TRI+SHELL) structural design
    • Exotic-inspired acoustics design, for an unbelievably real soundscape
    • Exotic-inspired S.TURBO technology, for a burst of pure, raw lows
    • Exotic-inspired independent sound tubes, for smooth transition
    • Learning from the past, inspired by the streamliner era
    • MMCX connectors, to give you more ways to play
    • Comes with the 3.5mm single-ended cable LC-3.5B, 6N silver-plated OCC wire
    • Precisely machined aluminum alloy shell, for easier insertion into your ear
    • Hi-Res Audio Certification

    产品介绍-en_01.jpg 产品介绍-en_02.jpg 产品介绍-en_03.jpg 产品介绍-en_04.jpg 产品介绍-en_05.jpg 产品介绍-en_06.jpg 产品介绍-en_07.jpg 产品介绍-en_08.jpg 产品介绍-en_09.jpg 产品介绍-en_10.jpg 产品介绍-en_11.jpg 产品介绍-en_12.jpg 产品介绍-en_13.jpg
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  2. DcPlusOne
    What's roughly the price of these earphones?
  3. Arthur Li
    The FR graph indicates an extremely V-shaped sound signature. Not a good sign.
  4. Brooko Contributor
    V shaped yes - but not excessive. You can always EQ out some sub-bass. Rest of the sig looks pretty good to me. The peaks aren't massive.

    FiiO was always intending this to have a little more bottom end - because thats what people have asked for. If its not your ideal, I'd suggest the F9 Pro.
  5. Arthur Li
    This earphone may actually sound good to my ears. Not gonna make any solid judgement before demoing it.
  6. smith
    Any release date yet?
  7. papa_mia
    I thought they were out already, no?
  8. BRSxIgnition
    Would these be good for my needs? I'm liking the metal build and the look of the cables, so assuming it's in my price range...
  9. papa_mia
    I think they're around 399$ iirc, and they're not officially out yet so you're gonna have to wait for the impressions.
  10. FiiO
    :blush:July or so.

    Best regards
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  11. FiiO
    Would be $259.99 or so in USA.

    Best regards
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  12. papa_mia
  13. DcPlusOne
    Very nice price point for a 4 driver hybrid! Looking forward to testing it!
  14. BRSxIgnition
    Hoo boy!!

    Now I've got to wait to hear how these sound...
    Last edited: Jun 21, 2018
  15. Arthur Li
    Very reasonably priced.
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