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Fiio e7 does not hold charge.

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by dooodstevenn, Oct 3, 2012.
  1. dooodstevenn
    i just got my fiio e7 in the mail today and plugged it in.  it works the oled comes on, the Fiio sign on the bottom is flashing indicating charging, and sound is playing through it from my computer.  but when i turn it on it goes from 1 line on the battery with the screen saying lock, then lock goes away and it goes to full bars, full charge.  I've been charging it for the last 3 hours and when i pull it from the USB it shuts off the second i pull the usb out, when i try to turn it on again nothing happens until i plug it back in. 
    Update: I tried every which way to get this thing to charge, no luck.  did the resets and all.  Just packaged it up to send back to amazon tomorrow.  I'm extremely disappointed and will not be buying from Fiio again. 
    Could anyone recommend me a new DAC/Amp? I will be using the DAC 80% of the time on my computer, 20% through my phone or another device i have not yet decided on, and would like the ability to use a LOD through my portable device. 
  2. fauxpas
    So USB charging is "ON" in the menu?
  3. dooodstevenn
  4. RingingEars
    I wouldn't be to down on Fiio. They make excellent products. There's always the possibilty of getting a dud with anything. It just happened to me when I bought my iBasso D-Zero. The 1st one was a dud, but iBasso rectified the problem very quickly and my new one is excellent.
    I know it's frustrating.
    Amazon is great to deal with. They'll send you a new one before you even ship that one back. Use it on the computer until the new one shows up and then ship it back. That's what I always do with Amazon.
  5. dooodstevenn
    They only took returns for it, not exchanges. so thats what I did...and after my frustration thats what i figured.  I also thought it out, and realized i will almost never use the amp/dac with a phone or other portable device, so got a e10 coming tomorrow.  Hopefully that will work without issue.  Too bad I have class all day tomorrow and wont be able to try it until i get back :frowning2:

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