FiiO E18: does your smartphone work with it for USB Audio? Tell us about it here and we will award you 10 internets!

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by joe bloggs, Nov 12, 2013.
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  1. sludgeogre
    Using my E18 with my new LG G4 phone and it works natively! Woohoo! So glad I don't have to use the USB Audio Player Pro crap, that app was getting worse with every new release.
    The problem that the Nexus 5 has with the screen not wanting to turn off when you plug it in is there, though, and really irritating. It must be an issue related to Lollipop. I have to plug it in with the screen off for it to work, and even then, sometimes the screen doesn't want to turn on for a little bit. It's a pretty weird but, but overall the sound is great and it works great after the screen bug goes away.
  2. blueboy1971
    My E18 works with my galaxy S4 on 4.4.2 but did not work on my galaxy tab S 10.5 The on 5.0.1. Roger device and went back to 4.4 and all working again so Samsung devices don't work with this device with Lollipop OS
  3. Franklin
    S4 VE (I9515) work well with my Fiio E18 using official lollipop 5.0.1. Don't work with my Tab S 8.4 like your 10.5, with 5.0.2 official. Waiting for 5.1 to Tab S series (maybe take a long time to that, :[ ).
  4. Hauntin
    Seems the OP isn't really active on this thread any more. . . . And I definitely don't think am going to be getting my 10 internets lol but I checked out the E18 at the store the other day and it worked well with my Samsung Galaxy Note 4 with lollipop.
  5. Joe Bloggs Contributor
    10 internets for you, good sir :wink:

    These days, if these DACs don't work with a particular phone out of the box, it's pretty certain that it will work if you use an app with forced direct USB audio output, like the excellent free Hiby player :)
  6. FiiO
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  7. jellofund
    Just received an E18 and can confirm it works natively with my Xperia Z2.
    Quick tip: after connecting the OTG cable it's important to power up your phone before turning on the E18 in order to get a proper 'handshake'.  If you do it the other way round the Z2 boots in safe mode and all 3rd party apps are disabled (and appear greyed out). Not experienced this with any other DACs or DAC / amps I've owned.
  8. LajostheHun
    Personally I wouldn't connect anything to the USB port before the phone powered up, other than a power charger.
  9. catchcart
    There are a few Galaxy S5 reports in this thread (I searched) but they seem to relate to the original 4.something firmware. Does anyone have any experience indicating whether an upgraded S5 - whether to Samsung's 5.1.1 firmware or something similar on Cyanogenmod - might work natively with the E18?
    P.S. I know that the compatibility table lists it as working with 3rd party players but that applies to my current phone as well, so that is not really the upgrade I'm looking for...
  10. Blasyrkh
    working natively doesn't mean it's the best option. it depends on how it has been implemented, the sample rates limit and formats supported.
    UAPP is one, if not the best sounding, due to his driver implementation.
    with huawei mate 7 (lollipop) it doesn't play natively, i think it would not with most of the huawei devices. we should try with mate 8
  11. Jerryberry
    Does this work with the latest iphones on ios 9 and above? 
  12. sludgeogre
    It is only marketed as an android player, they don't list support for iOs, and it never worked when I tried it, but I haven't had my E18 for a year or so, lost it on a plane =/
  13. FiiO
    Jerryberry, it can ,but you need to connect with an original Apple CCK cable along with a USB to micro USB cable.
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  14. ianskie1
    I'm kinda late for for the party, But I bought the E18 used for my Asus Zenfone 2 ze500cl. I haven't seen may posts about this phone and dac/amp combo so I guess this is a warning to anyone with my Phone who is interested in trying out the E18. The audio does work through the default Android setting of 44.1 / 16 but I'm fine with that. 

    Bugs list (maybe from the Phone side):
    - If I start the E18 when the Phone is unlocked, I loose control of the phone's lock button(can be fixed when starting the E18 before unlocking the phone).
    - If I use the E18 before unlocking the Phone it fails to detect players like Hibymusic for the first time and I have to disconnect and reconnect the E18 several times. (Works fine with Poweramp through default android drivers).
    -When I was trying to get hibymusic to run, sometimes I get some weird mix of static and popping sounds. It does not go away in airplane mode.
    -After using the E18 for some time if I turn it off then turn it on to use it later, it crashes my phone. Which is annoying for daily use (I can reproduce this almost every time).
    I don't believe these can be fixed with an Android update, since me cheaping out on my phone caused me these headaches. I do like the E18, specially the media buttons, I'll still be experimenting with the setup until I can buy a used Galaxy S3 to convert into a dedicated DAP. 
  15. joeike
    I've had the E18 for a year now & it works great with my Nexus 5 & Nexus 6p. I had to get a USB c adapter for the 6P. Also words on the HP PC with Windows 10.
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