FiiO E12DIY Limited Edition Version---DIY your own sound !

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by jamesfiio, Jul 31, 2013.
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  1. JamesFiiO Contributor
    Since the success of our flagship portable amplifier Mont Blanc (E12),  we will release a limited edition, the detail information will be release soon, but we need your help to choose the color so we can separate the limited edition with the mass production version.
    The DIY version will comes with 13 pcs op amp/ buf , and you can try 12 different combo. the max quantity will be not more than 2,000pcs for the global market, but we also may cancel the project if the pre order can't reach 500pcs .  
    Updated on 8/8/2103:
    For people who want to pre-order the E12 DIY, please pre order as below:
    1, Send US$19 to via paypal  with your detial name and address and mark with deposit for E12DIY.
    2, We will refund the money If we cancel the project because the total pre order can't reach 500pcs. or you want to abort the pre order.
    3, When we stop the pre order in Sep, please balance the payment ( send the rest money US$180 to ) and wait the shipment after 3 month .
    4, The US$20 will not refund after we complete the pre order.
    Important notice: to change the op or buf, you don't need to have any solder skill, there are socket on the PCB.
    BTW, thanks for everyone who help us decide the colour of the E12DIY, we already decided silver will be the colour of E12DIY.
    Updates regarding the E12 DIY program!
    To all the supporters of FiiO E12 DIY program,
    Up till now, we have already got enough pre-orders to carry on this program.
    For better management, we decide to set it as 1000pcs for the production of this limited edition.
    For now, the pre-order quantity is a little less than 1000pcs, which means we still have a few open for pre-order.
    Therefore, we extend the pre-order time limit to Sep 10th, any order from end-users or agents after this time would be rejected.
    What’s more, due to the pre-order quantity run above 500pcs, the estimated purchase cost goes down a little bit,
    so here we are more than happy to inform you that you can get this lovely E12 DIY at 180USD in total.
    For those who are still have the plan to get one, please hurry up and try to pay 19USD as deposit
    to confirm pre-order or you can just make full payment 180USD to our PayPal account:
    1.    For those who had already paid 19USD as the deposit, please send us the 161USD balance payment before the date of Oct 10th.
    2.    In case of any left over after the pre-order, we would sell it out to other end-users, while the selling price would go above 200USD.
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  2. JamesFiiO Contributor
    Introduction and reservation guide to the limited edition of E12

    Model: E12 DIY
    Background: The release of FiiO E12 (flagship of portable amplifier) was welcomed by the market. However, for some customers who are eagerly to try on something new, the original operational amplifier--OP AMP (OPA1611+LME49600) still can’t make them satisfied. At present, FiiO Company is not in the right place to offer customized service, and different combination of the OP AMP can hardly help the customers to find the most favorite one through the objective sound feelings. Yet, in order to show our appreciation to those old customers and bring more fun in enjoying music, we specially invest effort in developing the DIY version based on E12. We are expecting to offer more options to our customers with this higher playability platform.
    Quantity: 2000pcs at its most worldwide.
    (The program would be terminated if the reservations run less than 500.)
    Target customers:
    The following requirements are not non-negotiable, but it is STRONGLY suggested for those who are ready to reserve to read each item carefully in order to avoid any unpleasant purchase experience.

    1. Have certain operational ability;
    Since the customers are required to replace the OP AMP with the help of our manual, we don’t suggest average user to purchase in order to avoid burnout caused by faulty operation.

    2. Old users of FiiO who know well of its products and service;
    Owing to the high cost of the high quality audio OP (the supplier has no stocks available), we can only move to production process after got the FULL PAYMENT of reservation. The production cycle would be pretty long, and for now we are unable to promise a definite delivery date. That’s why we don’t suggest users to buy this item when they had never bought any FiiO products before, since we are afraid they would cancel the reservation due to impatience or lack of trust.

    3. Willing to accept the terms without after-sales service;
    For the DIY version, since it is practical to open the case to replace the OP by the end-user, we can hardly tell whether the issue is out of quality or man-made problem. In order to avoid unpredictable loss, we would seal the fixed screws before sending out, once found opened, we would not provide related after-sales service.
    Tentative selling price:
    Other districts (other than Mainland China): 199USD--included worldwide free shipment (by UPS, FedEx, DHL or other express)
    The unit cost depends on the purchase quantity, so here we just tentatively set at its highest possible price, but would update with the real selling price right before payment stage.
    Features of the E12 DIY:
    1. On one hand, reserves the fine and meticulous workmanship of its commercial edition; on the other hand, offers more different timbre and fun with different OP combination.
    2. Canceled the Bass and Crossfeed function, which offers larger space regarding the inner wiring layout, thus get its performance greatly improved.
    3. Reserves the excellent high voltage power supply circuit of E12, ensure to make the most of its high quality audio OP.
    4. Reserves all kinds of protection circuits and USB smart fast charging of E12. As to normal DIY amplifier, audiophiles would not pay much attention to this kind of design, and lack conditions to use the MCU to fulfill this function.
    5. All the components are purchased from the first-class agent in China of companies like TI, ADI, which definitely prevent getting fake products in the purchase of DIY material.
    Remark: Last but not least, rather than making profits out of the production of E12 DIY, we just want to show our appreciation to our old customers. Due to the limited quantity, we are more concerned about promoting our brand image. As a matter of fact, only the cost of the random provided high quality OP equals to the differential of the retail prices of the two versions. That is to say, we put much effort in developing this item, yet couldn’t make profits on it.
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  3. JamesFiiO Contributor
    Introduction of E12 DIY limited Version
    The op and buf for E12DIY includes
    OP AMP:
    1, OPA1611; Single channel, SOP8, 2 pcs
    2, OPA604; Single channel, SOP8, 2 pcs
    3, OPA&97; Single channel, SOP8, 2 pcs
    4, OPA8620; Two Channels, SOP8, 2 pcs,
    1, BUF634 ; Single channel, DDPAK, 2 pcs
    2, LME49600; Single channel, TS5B, 2 pcs
    3, LMH6321; Single channel, SOP8, 2 pcs
    So you will have 12 different combo for the OP and BUF, and the total quantity of the OP and Buf are 13pcs.
    The retail price of these op/buf worth about $80 if you buy it in digi key.
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  4. rdsreference
    The silver looks amazing and much more luxurious and expensive than the price suggests. Let's hope the price will be the same or similar unless there is a change of spec.
  5. JamesFiiO Contributor
    the E12 DIY will comes with 13 pcs very expensive op amp, the retail price will be $199. can't be cheaper and we may sell it by ourself because there are not  margin room for our agents.
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  6. rdsreference
    Well put me down for one I I have a black version also. How do you mean diy does it come in kit form?
  7. JamesFiiO Contributor
    means you can change the op amp / buf by yourself so you can choose the most suitable sound for yourself.
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  8. naturalliu
    Allow only single choice here,so winner is type D
  9. rdsreference
    That's fantastic when will you have the specs. Please let me know
  10. Homage
    Damn, I like the colour scheme of them all....LOL!
  11. JamesFiiO Contributor
    we are busy in the delivery of X3 and we also need to arrange the same promo in our own forum in China too, need some time to translate to English
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  12. psantos1091
    I have the E07K..but when I use them as a DAC I notice a hissing in my headphones that are not there without the amp. How can I fix this?
  13. hoekeat
    this reminded me of the common greeting in head-fi that ends with "... sorry about your wallet...."
    dang........ dilemma..............
  14. Brooko Contributor
    Hi James - if it's a limited edition - then "D" definitely.
    Rather than calling it silver though (silver =  2nd place) - retain same colour and call it "platinum edition" - befitting flagship status.
    Let me know when you're making decisions re the limited run.  May be interested.
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  15. rdsreference
    I think the Fiio E 12 ss signature sound...maybe do what Marantz used to do in the 90s with their CD players putting ken ishiwatas name on the device. Put fiios chief engineers name on it. No charge for the info JamesB-)
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