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Fiio E10 Sound Effect in Mac Problem

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by dl., Jan 15, 2012.
  1. dL.
    For those who have a Mac and a Fiio E10, can you please help me test something?
    Do you guys notice that the built-in Mac sound effects, such as emptying trash, moving files or folders from one location to another and so forth sounds really weird? It sounds as if it is skipping and not really playing the beginning or not playing till the end. Some effect sounds fine while others are not. I tried this with 2 sets of E10 and 2 different Macs with different USB ports and they all exhibit the same problem.
    How to test?
    Go to System Preference > Sound > Sound Effect. Simply play the default sound "Funk" or any other sound. Compare that with the internal speaker of your Mac or your other DACs and you should notice that the E10 makes the sound effect really weird.
    However, everything else plays and sounds perfectly fine. I wonder why this would be the case? Is the E10 defective or is there some technical glitch or the nature of technology?
  2. bowei006 Contributor
    I would also want to know if this happens. I'll be getting an E17 soon.
    I'll use this post to bump up your thread and to keep posted.
  3. miyinan
    anybody? I'd like to know as well.
  4. minusfive
    Yes. It is known there's a [few milliseconds] delay between when the computer first sends the signal and when the E10 reproduces it. For music this is usually not a problem since most tracks have a few milliseconds of silence at the beginning anyway, so you're not missing anything, but with some sound effects the delay is more noticeable.
    However, it is recommended that you don't run the computer's sound effects through the E10 anyways, as it tends to pollute the sound signal. I usually run only sound output through the E10, and alerts + sound effects through the computer's built-in speakers or external ones.

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