Fiio E10 + Facetime Issue
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Apr 19, 2012
Hello everyone,
Well I purchased a Fiio E10 about 3 weeks ago, and so far it's been great, the sound is clearer, the bass is a bit tighter and stronger and the volume is better than before. By the way, I am using it with a MacBook Pro 13" late 2011, and a Sennheiser HD 598.
The only issue I've been experiencing is when I'm talking to someone through FaceTime, for some reason the mic seems to interfere with the signal output from the Mac to the Fiio.
Every time the microphone captures any sound I hear a click noise in through the headphones, it's sort of a muted click noise. It gets very annoying when speaking to someone, because after I finish a sentence I always hear this click and if I pause while I am saying something I also hear it, even when typing, everytime I finish a word I hear the click (probably because the mic captures all noises from the laptop, since it's attached to it).
I would like to know if someone else also experiences this problem and if there is anyway to fix this problem, it is quite irritating.
I hope someone can help me.
Oh and it doesn't happen when using Skype, but for some reason Skype is really laggy for my girlfriend, so I can only talk to her through FaceTime.

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