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Fiio DAP advice request

  1. blackgreen15
    Hi, new member here. New to the head-fi world in general, but I am so happy to be here.

    I have been using an X7 first gen through a Vorzuge Pure II+. I have the AM2 module on the Fiio, but the Vorz just sounds amazing with everything I have. I have Beyer t1 first gens, HD800, and Focal Clears. Also have Andromeda's and Vegas.

    Given all that, the Fiio works but has never worked right. Streaming is useless, files are organized strangely. Right now battery life is pretty bad. (I am on latest firmware) I have seen several reviews and comments on the X7 mark II stating it is also kind of a disaster, which makes me sad, because I read some really positive reviews on Headfonia and places like that.

    Given the above gear, and that I really like what I am hearing through my Vorz, could I get a recommendation for a good portable source? Looking at anything about 1200 or so for an upgrade, less is fine.
  2. yong_shun
    Battery and user interface are disasters for FIIO always. With the price, you can consider DP-X1A from Onkyo, IBasso DX200 and WM-1A from SONY. If you need streaming services, DP-X1A and DX200 will be good choice because they are running Android. Both models using ESS sabre DAC chip and the interface is way better than FIIO.
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  3. blackgreen15
    Thank you for the recommendations. If sound quality was the sole criteria, which of the above would you recommend?
  4. 1TrickPony
    Opus#2? I'd go for that
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  5. yong_shun
    Actually all these 3 models come with more analytical sounding to me. I like analytical sounding so I recommended this 3. If you want something more dynamic and musical, you can consider ZX300 from SONY.
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  6. blackgreen15
    Thanks, analytical is closer to what I like, as well. I am really leaning towards Sony WM1a based on looking at reviews. Also, it's a beautiful design.
  7. yong_shun
    I love WM1A too! Tried and it sounds great :)
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