FiiO’s Upgraded Bluetooth Amplifier BTR1K: Qualcomm QCC 3005 BT chip, BT 5.0 and aptX /aptX LL/AAC supported, RGB light, NFC pairing, Type C and USB DAC

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by demond, May 23, 2017.
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  1. FiiO
  2. waynes world
    Hi FiiO! I'm in Canada. Where can I purchase the BTR1 for $50US? It's not on It is on for $50US but won't ship to Canada. I would buy it on aliexpress, but it is $69.99US there. Please advise. Thanks!
  3. FiiO
    Statements regarding the AAC support on the BTR1

    Due to our mistakes on product description writing and inspecting, the AAC was falsely listed as a supported Bluetooth codec of the BTR1. After confirming with our QC department, it's concluded that as our application for using the AAC codec has not been finally approved, the AAC codec was disabled on the BTR1 during mass production. Even though the AAC codec was disabled, it will not affect the normal functionality and connection compatibility of the BTR1, please feel free to proceed with the purchase if you're interested in it. And if you have already bought the BTR1 and have any questions regarding this, please kindly contact our support by sending email to

    As an International brand, FiiO always complies with the laws and regulations in different countries. Besides, we've always been a supporter of intellectual property and certificate authorization. So far we have won recognition from organizations like USB-IF, Bluetooth SIG, Apple MFi and pay the license fee of MP3, Thesycon Driver,Qualcomm aptX software actively. This kind of authorizations could not only protect the interest of all parties but also guarantee more reliable user experience for our customers.Though we might make mistakes, we've always been responsible for our product quality. Therefore, we will further improve our protection of intellectual property in the future.

    If you have any further questions or advice, please feel free to contact our customer support. Your feedback and support has been a driving force to us. We will absorb the feedback from you and make more good products that could bring fun to you!
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  4. FiiO
    Hi Waynes world, the stock of our sales agent in Canada may run out its stock , we will check with them soon . Please kindly wait.
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  5. rkar
    Any chance you can re-enable? It's honestly a deal-breaker for me since I'm on iOS.
  6. Amber Rain
    Hi Fiio, anyone else

    I don't understand the AAC support thing, is that a reference to AAC files on Apple or a streaming method?

    Does it mean that it won't work with an iPhone or a Mac?

    Most of my files on my iPhone are ALAC, would they work with the BTR1?


    Amber Rain
  7. waynes world
    Thanks. Fwiw, I would be fine with buying it from your aliexpress store. Do you foresee the price there being changed to $49.99 like it is on
  8. rkar
    Think of it this way:

    [iPhone/iPad has audio file in AAC] ==> <sends file over wireless> ==> [bluetooth digital codecs supported SBC/APTx/AAC] --> <convert Digital file to analog> ==> Headphones

    So if the bluetooth receiver (BTR1 in this case) doesn't support AAC, the iOS device will re-encode the AAC file (apple music, etc) to SBC, which is a fallback codec supported. An analogy is: you're converting an AAC (lossy) file to MP3 again (lossy with lower bitrate). SBC is an old codec and despite sending files over a higher bitrate, the compression algorithm doesn't do a good job maintaining spatiality (sound stage?) and the highs sound a little metallic due to the compression artifacts.

    If it supported AAC, you'd just get the raw file and the bluetooth receiver would decode the AAC (instead of the re-encoded SBC file) and convert that to an analog signal for your headphones. Hope that helps!
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  9. Amber Rain

    Thank you for the explanation. I'm in no rush, might see how this develops, or go for the Shure blu tooth lead...
  10. 0x6170
    Yes, please, FiiO, give us a way to enable AAC support! Even my Airpods stream in AAC codec..

    Screen Shot 2017-11-22 at 20.39.13.png
  11. FiiO
    Sorry, the priice on the Aliexpress can not changed , we suggest you to purchase the BTR1 from the local sales agent , which will be more convenient for you to get the fast service.
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  12. soundkist
    This AAC debacle aside, really loving my BTR1; I use it pretty much daily at work, paired with my WM1A. Quick question: is it possible aptX HD support can/will be added in the future?
  13. 0x6170
    What is even more strange, the Bluetooth chip, used inside the BTR1, supports all the major codecs: aptX, aptX Low Latency, SBC and AAC. And in the end we only get aptX and SBC. To me it seems like a waste of resources: under-used Bluetooth chip and at the same time the DAC (AK4376) is not fully utilised when streaming via iOS. At least make the firmware of BTR1 upgradable so that down the line, when you (FiiO) get the certification for other codecs, it would be possible to enable the features..
    Such a shame. Somehow I feel deceived by purchasing BTR1..


    I guess you need to have an SPI programmer in order to be able to configure the CSRA64215 chip:

    And I doubt that FiiO implemented the required serial interface via the micro-USB socket on the BTR1..

    But in the chip ROM Configuration Tool there clearly is a possibility to enable all codecs..

    Last edited: Nov 23, 2017
  14. JamesFiiO Contributor
    we will contact the VLA ground who response for the licence of AAC and try to add it in BTR1 in the future , I am very sorry about this.
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  15. waynes world
    Last edited: Nov 24, 2017
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