FiiO’s Upgraded Bluetooth Amplifier BTR1K: Qualcomm QCC 3005 BT chip, BT 5.0 and aptX /aptX LL/AAC supported, RGB light, NFC pairing, Type C and USB DAC

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by demond, May 23, 2017.
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  1. JW86
    Fiio Support contacted me via email, stating that the BTR1 cannot be updated by firmware on the user's side.
  2. 0x6170
    I guess we have to wait for the BTR3 to include all the missing features of BTR1. Maybe that's why it will take 6 months for FiiO to release to market. All those certifications take time probably..
  3. tworule
    I just bought btr1 to use with my ios device...what a shame... :/ I already have bluetooth cables for my kz iems... I just thought it would be better to use btr1 !!
  4. soundkist
    Perhaps those of us who picked one of these up prior to this revelation could get on some kind of list for a future BTR3 discount?
  5. Aundudel25
    Thanks for the info. Was going to pull the trigger but this is a big dealbreaker for me.
  6. Brooko Contributor
    I think the real question which should be asked is how audible are the differences (SBC vs apt-X or even AAC), and in a less than perfect environment, will you even notice?

    Some may find this interesting -

    The article is a little old now, but I think still valid. I have the BTR1 and I think its perfectly OK - especially for non-critical listening.
  7. JW86
    apt-X sounds fine when I use it with my mac but iOS doesn't support it, so it falls back to SBC. SBC was okay with most songs but anything with heavy/complicated production I definitely noticed distortion and when I listened to the same song wired, with apt-X or with my old bluetooth headset with AAC the distortion wasn't there.
  8. 0x6170
    My hope would be that the BTR3 will include all the missing features of BTR1, and that their advertisements will be correct on that regard.
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  9. Ynot1
    Like a balance output with more power.
  10. rkw
    There is no claim of balanced output. In consumer electronics, TRRS normally refers to the ubiquitous TRRS CTIA not TRRS balanced. That said, given FiiO's product line and customer base, they should highlight more clearly that the jack is TRRS CTIA.
  11. JohannLiebert
    Does it with sensitive iems like shure846,akt8ie or andromeda?
  12. JohannLiebert
    Is it compatible with the playstation 4? Anyone tried?
  13. waynes world
    I got my Fiio BTR1 this morning. I am beyond happy with it so far:
    - inexpensive
    - very small, but solid and well built, and has a clip on it
    - nice controls
    - using it with my S7 edge (exynos) in aptx mode I presume, listening to 16/44 flac files.. it sounds very good to my non-golden ears and sounds so close in quality compared to listening straight off of the phone that I'm very happy with it.
    - bluetooth connection is solid, no hiss that can hear, range is decent.
    - amp is powerful enough for my needs and for most of my gear.
    - everything I've tried so far off of it sounds great (graphene and seahf 150 earbuds, vmoda m100's, nighthawks etc)

    I'll report back if I find any issues, but as of right now this is going into my "one of the best audio purchases I've made" category.

    Thanks Fiio!
    Last edited: Dec 5, 2017
  14. demond
    I like the way you tell the truth, haha:ksc75smile::ksc75smile:
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  15. waynes world
    Well, it's "my" truth anyway! :)
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