Fiiiiiiiinally Here!: MOONDROP illumination will be on shelves tonight(in lending library also)
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Aug 21, 2019
It's just a pleasure to say that after 3 year of development, we'll start brining the "ILLUMINATION" to our stores 10PM EST tonight on and our aliexpress store.

This is literally very demonstration of what a reference IEM should sound like.

Comes with popular replaceable plugs design so you can switch around any DAP
FR curve that closely follows the original HRTF curve:
Non linear distortions:
Frequency Response:20-20000Hz (IEC60318-4)
10-50000Hz (1/4Inch Free-field Mic)
Impedance:25Ω @1kHz
Housing matetial:5 axis CNC milled TC4 titanium alloy with TiN plating
transducer: Patented 11mm high efficiency/performance coupled acoustic chamber dynamic driver
Diaphragm: Liquid Crystal polymer dome + soft high damping factor PEEK suspension
Coil: 0.035mm daikoku CCAW
Magnet: High flux density N52 neodymium external magnet architecture
Damper: Patented coupled acoustic chamber structure
Socket: 0.78 2pin
Cable: OCC copper with SPC shielding+replaceable plug

This will also going on our lending library roster soon.(yeah we know the queue is totally congested up, we'll try work out better with this.)
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1. 5 AXIS MILLED TITANIUM ALLOY HouSING/ANTI SCRATCHING TIN PLATING: Extremely sturdy golden surface keeps the earphone nice and shiny. It barely leaves a trace even when scratched with a knife.

2. LIQUID CRYSTAL POLYMER DOME +PEEK HIGH DAMPING FACTOR SUSPENSION: The frequency response dives up to 10Hz in the bass and 50kHz in treble(Measured under 1/4Inch Free Field Mic).

3. PATENTED 11MM HIGH-PERFORMANCE DYNAMIC DRIVER:1.6T flux N52 external magnet architecture, CNC milled high magnet conducting circuit. Coaxial 7 vents+independent brass back chamber design accurately control resonant frequency. Japan imported 0.035mm CCAW coil, lightweight suspension design. An Independent copper support frame significantly reduces magnet leakage.

4. PATENTED CoUPL ED ACOUSTIC CHAMBER STRUCTURE: Engineered with respect to resonance nature, the front chamber suppresses undesired resonance that causes rough treble. Special pressure-relieving structure controls the bass response and transients while relieving standing waves. So that the 1EM.

5. CABL E With REPLACEABLE PLUG +OCC COPPER WIRE AND SPC SHIELDING.: Illumination comes with low impedance coaxial structure cable with 6n OCC wire and SPC shielding to bring you clear, clean sound. Replaceable plugs make switching between different sockets easy.

Ultra-low nonlinear distortion brings clear background.
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For those who understands Cantonese, first impressions from Hong Kong reviewer.

so, can someone who understood give a brief how this sounds?
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Talking points from video:

Upper mid / treble focused hence the "Bright/Illumination" name. Pairs well with acoustic / female vocals.

Smooth treble extension. Upper mids have a sheen to it, smooth sounding without any harshness / rawness.

Deep bass extension but not particularly energetic or punchy. Vent holes near the nozzle creates an open effect which affects bass quantity. Fit might be an issue due to this. Bass might be lacking when using outdoors due to open vents and ambient noise.

Technically capable and detailed, but microdynamics not particularly impressive.

Soundstage fairly expansive, has a great sense of air between instruments.

Mellow, smooth, and easy to listen to signature.

First batch of IEM might come with silver cable.
Box art features anime girl illustration.
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still waiting for a full review...
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