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  1. UntilThen
    I'm retiring T1 and HD650. These 2 with the incoming ZMF Eikon will be the main stay of my headphones. Whilst HD800 is at one extreme (analytical and revealing) and the LCD2.2 (warm and lush) at the other extreme, I have a feeling that the Eikon is somewhere in between those 2. It will be interesting.

  2. UntilThen
    Preliminary findings seems to favour LCD2.2 with Euforia than Ragnarok. Very strange but my ears gravitate towards the sound produced by Euforia and LCD2.2. It is so luscious and there's bounce in the tone. Again the bass is infectious. It's deep and low. You will feel it. I love it. This alone is the reason I chose LCD2.2 over Elear. However Elear in the flesh looks superb. It is so well made. So classy and so comfortable. I almost bought Elear too....

    I need much longer listen. Like 2 weeks. Let the headphone burn in good. The new Forza Audioworks cable too. Both headphone and cable are fresh out of the box. So disregard my initial ramblings.
  3. UntilThen
    The pads on the LCD2.2 are incredibly comfortable. Those lambskins are so soft and it's the best material ever to rest on my ears. Big brownie points to Audeze. Even in 2017, I think the LCD2.2 still looks so classy and retro and the tone is unique. This headphone is for listening to music. Forget about measurements and hearing every single details. Norah Jones has never sound so close and intimate to my ears. This is getting dangerously exotic.
  4. UntilThen
    Omg, 'The Pump' by Jeff Beck came on and my eyes rolled. I'm in a trance now. I'm going to listen to every blues in my library. This is going to be a fun night. Dang I still need to wrap up the Darkvoice 336se, which I have sold to someone here yesterday.

    Leonard Cohen came alive !!! That voice on LCD2.2 with Euforia !!! It's a match made in heaven.
  5. UntilThen
    This might be the reason LCD2.2 paired so well with Euforia. 70 ohms. 101dB efficiency.

    Style Open circumaural
    Transducer type Planar magnetic
    Magnetic structure Proprietary push-pull design
    Magnet type Neodymium
    Transducer size 106 mm
    Maximum power handling 15W (for 200ms)
    Sound pressure level >130dB with 15W
    Frequency response 5Hz – 20kHz extended out to 50kHz
    Total harmonic distortion <1% through entire frequency range
    Impedance 70 ohms
    Efficiency 101dB / 1mW
    Optimal power requirement 1 – 4W
  6. UntilThen
    Listening to LCD2.2 with Yggy and Rggy now. Big smile on my face. As euphonic as Euforia but tighter and with better control.

    I can't decide which I like more... with Rag or Euforia. Both tone are superb.

    Now the big question is.... how will ZMF Eikon compare to Audeze LCD2.2. I will find out in a month's time.... at the rate the ZMF are being churned out. Can't complained. Boutique setup needs more time and in this game one needs patience.
  7. Rossliew
    Thanks for the pics and impressions of the 2.2. Makes me wanna go out and get a pair myself..
  8. UntilThen
    I just learn that mine is the LCD-2f. See here for the revisions.

    As it stands, I'm one of those who felt that Audeze did the right thing with the changes. There's more details now and the bass is still as prominent to my ears. Plus the mids... vocals are just stunning.

    Ross, get a LCD2 of any versions. Elise will drive it perfectly. Euforia did, so I see no reasons why Elise won't. FYI, @HPLobster loves his LCD-3 driven by Elise too.
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  9. UntilThen
    You have to see the headphone in the flesh. The Shedua wood is really nice. The grains... I can't believe this is the cheaper version. At first I thought it's the Caribbean Rosewood.


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  10. Rossliew
    Nice! Didn't know they had this wood option. I once had the pre-razor rosewood version. Nice sounding but gets kinda overly dark/veiled at times. and the weight...
  11. UntilThen
    If you consider the pre-Fazor a bit dark/ veiled at times, then the Fazor LCD-2f will suit you better. As for weight, I can't help you with that. I suggest you exercise your neck and grow stronger muscles. Seriously, after months of wearing LCD-2f and Eikon, I will have biceps looking muscles on my neck.
  12. UntilThen
    2nd day of listening to the LCD-2f with both Euforia and Ragnarok. Strangely I'm gravitating towards Euforia with this planar magnetic. Don't let anyone tell you it won't drive the LCD-2f well. Euforia is driving it supremely. I am in the mood of rolling my best power tubes in Euforia, just to hear how it will affect LCD-2f. I have Sylvania 6sn7wgt and Tung Sol 5998 on at the moment and listening to Pink Floyd Pulse live. I'll toast you on this incredible sounding setup. Euforia is one brilliant sounding tube amp and kudos to Feliks Audio for this marvellous sounding OTL amp. When you hear UT praising Euforia after going through a lot of amps lately, you know that Euforia still has a place in my heart. It's keeping with the best out there. Roll in good tubes and see her shine like crazy diamonds.

    In case you're wandering, Euforia is staying in my setup. She ain't going anywhere, neither are those precious tubes. :)

  13. Rossliew
    Glad you've found your end-game set-up and with both solid state and tubed options as well :)
  14. UntilThen
    Everyone needs to determine when it's the end. If you don't, the end will consume you. :)

    You will know when it's the end. You will know it. You will feel it. You will hear it.
  15. UntilThen
    I made another small purchase. I bought a pair of Mogami xlr balance interconnects. This cable will sing the blues - literally.

    s-l1600 (7).jpg

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