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Feliks-Audio ELISE...New thread.

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by hypnos1, Oct 1, 2015.
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  1. connieflyer
    Just to show off, I wrote BBC I meant BB or buletin board, back before the internet, when you used a dial up modem to call file sharing sites at extremely slow transfer.  Plus it was all Dos, so that was fun too. Nothing like typing a long string, and making one character wrong, and having to do it all over, kids today don't know what they are missing (NOT) !
  2. richard89
    Hey guys I was wondering if anyone here has tried to use the Tung Sol "6550" as powers on the Elise. I saw an ad on eBay and immediately checked at the Elise thread and saw that no one had brought it up. Is it a different kind of tube that isn't to be used as power tubes? Or has no one gotten around to trying these yet? Thanks
  3. UntilThen

    Don't touch those monsters unless you want to turn your Elise into a Kentucky Fried Chicken.
    Meanwhile how do you like my new portrait.
  4. louisxiawei
    Just checked a few comments regarding fuse for the Elise. Has anyone of you guys upgraded fuse for Elise? What type of fuse is for the Elise 220V? I'm considering buying a audiophile fuse from Synergistic Research. Need the correct fuse type for it though. Hope you guys can give me some advice.
  5. richard89
    Thank you UT, how are you doing this evening? I got so excited to trying new tubes that I accidentally won the auction. That's a great photo sir, what tube configurations are you using? It looks like the 6520's and the stock tubes. 
  6. UntilThen
    Those are not stock drivers. They are Sylvania 6SN7wgt. :)
    I'm doing great and am enjoying my music this morning with Elise.
  7. UntilThen

    Sorry Louis I don't believe in audiophile fuse anymore than I believe in audiophile screws.
    louisxiawei likes this.
  8. connieflyer
    Reminds me I got screwed by an audiophile once.
  9. mordy
    I once had a tube that shorted out and it activated the protective circuitry in the Elise which shut off. At that time I checked the fuse in the back of the amp (next to the A/C plug in a little drawer). It took a while for the Elise to come back to itself, but the fuse was fine.
    It is a tiny fuse and I cannot read the value on it - anybody knows?
  10. DecentLevi
    Yes $130 is a steal deal for the HP-150's from SoundMagic, as they used to be twice that much. But my friend, I think you and Howie13 have both missed my point about these. The Tru-Fi mod is a must for these to really shine! It replaces the original flabby bloated bass with one that is controlled and more linear. It replaces the slightly recessed mids with one that is deliciosly lush and vivid, the treble less shrill, soundstage is better, and isolation is increased by at least two fold with the addition of Dekoni leather earpads. The difference between the original and modded SoundMagics is night and day.
    And tomorrow I will have the chance to audition three of his other closed prototypes that are supposed to be several notches better. But if you're interested in the Hp-150's, the link is in my signature how to order a mod kit, or send yours in for modding.
  11. UntilThen
    Price wise it's probably not a fair comparison with the HP-150 but I reckon a modded HD650 should pleased many. 
  12. DecentLevi
    Like these HD 650 (and other) mods? 
    img9.jpg   img10.jpg
  13. HOWIE13
    Really happy with the way mine sound as they are.
  14. Spork67
    Some familiar ppl here...
    Better subscribe to this thread as well I guess.
    Ordered my Elise a couple of weeks ago and it left Poland heading to Tasmania on Friday.
    Can't wait for it to arrive - been wanting to try a tube amp and figured it was better economics to buy a good one that should last me instead of a cheap one I'd want to upgrade a month later.
  15. UntilThen
    What do you mean some familiar people here. We're the same people. Odd days we're here and even days we're over there.
    connieflyer and Spork67 like this.
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