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Feliks-Audio ELISE...New thread.

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by hypnos1, Oct 1, 2015.
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  1. Spork67
    I imagine it would say something like 120V x.xA Manual might tell you, or check the existing fuse, or email Luckaz...
  2. HOWIE13
    I'm assuming all this fuse wire discussion is some kind of silly joke, or am I really missing something here?
  3. hypnos1
    Hi H13...given the number of hi-fiers who spend a good deal of money on upgraded mains cables, perhaps we are missing something here, lol!! [​IMG]...and perhaps not...[​IMG]...yet another endless debate, methinks! [​IMG]...
  4. hypnos1
    Looks like you have a very nice setup there, f-r...and certainly treating Elise kindly, both upstream and down LOL [​IMG]...
    All you need to do now is get some T1s and see how they compare to the XCs...my wallet has gone on strike! [​IMG]...(but they were too heavy for my poor ol' head anyway, alas...). CHEERS!...
  5. HOWIE13
    Then I suppose we should be considering these old friends too, maybe we need a fourth Elise thread for fuses, internal wires, solder constituents etc, etc, [​IMG]
  6. frederick-rea
    Since my early days of High End sound (45 years ago), i hear talking about this. And if this stops some good houses could be closed, as this is a good part of audiophile discuss. Now I want is to be seated with my ELISE driving Conrad Johnson ElevenA, and listen to a good record file. Now I am struggling to find the best sounding records, because good readers (quote CD's) shows all bad noises (or not)
  7. hypnos1
    OMG, H13....there's probably material enough for a dozen threads!!! [​IMG]...but we've enough already, lol!...[​IMG] [​IMG]...
  8. HOWIE13
    More Elise madness! Totally incurable, but who cares [​IMG]
    Now back to reality:
    These just arrived,
    and I've a Mojo coming later so I'll burn them in with my metallic sounding TS7236's using Mojo as the DAC. [​IMG]
    Everything should be piping hot by tomorrow morning.
    Just remembered Mojo needs 10 hours of battery charge before use- bummer [​IMG].
  9. hypnos1
    Aahhh...the downside of a good TT or DAC/amp/HP combo - especially with Elise's resolving capabilities. What once seemed good can then bring sadness...and vice-versa! And this applies to both vinyl and digital, of course. Poor original mastering jumps right out and hits you between the eyes (ears!)...but conversely, what one might expect as being so-so can in fact be quite startling - in an extremely pleasant way. Modern tube amp systems can do wonders for the standard 16-bit CD medium, to be sure...depending on the skills of the recording engineer, that is!! [​IMG]. Good luck in your search, f-r...[​IMG]
  10. hypnos1
    Those certainly are nice-looking tubes...shame we appear to have a bit longer wait, lol! [​IMG]...
    And hopefully your 7236s will start behaving like most others' appear to...if not, perhaps you have indeed been unlucky with your first ones...
  11. HOWIE13
    Had a quick listen to the tubes, just a couple of minutes to check they worked and boy are they lush and smooth, big sound stage too- I can imagine they would match well with brighter cans and power tubes. Will burn my 7236's this evening. Cheers. [​IMG] 
  12. connieflyer
    As the sole purpose of a fuse is to be the weak link in the power input to the equipment.  It passes the current, voltage not signal.  The source before the fuse for miles out in the open exposed to wind ,weather, squirrels you name it, has it done to it with all the connections as a break in the wire path, have done their worst by time it gets to the amp. That little piece of wire is a path just like the rest of the distribution system to power the amp. The wire used in the individual components like the resistors, capacitors, inductors, transformers stand-offs solder at each component connection would be more of a concern than just the fuse.  But since most are not replaceable and the individual fuse are they sell the idea that this little miracle will make a big difference at 100% price increase or more.  They laugh all the way to the bank.  Pure placebo effect. I paid extra, it has to sound better so it does.Back to the music
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  13. HOWIE13
    Exactly my thoughts too.
  14. UntilThen
    Sylvania 6SN7wgt ? I love them. How much did that cost you?
  15. JazzVinyl

    GULP! You mean I wasted my moh-nee on the 70 dollar fuse? I thought cleaned the 'muddiness' right up!

    Hahahaha!! I love it, all these years later and people are still falling for BS....

    Radio was touted as being the medium to end ignorance...then it was TV....now the inner-net....

    Oh well, enjoy this, instead :)

    connieflyer likes this.
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