Etymotic March Madness - Photo Competition
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Have been through many IEMs. It clicked with ER4P. Got ER4SR/ER4XR/ER2XR. ER4SR with balanced cable is used with DAP. ER4P plus resistor on VALI2. ER4XR for outside. ER2XR with iPad for sleeping. All I can say is they are all coherent, balanced, detail and musical. They definitely have difference. But for me to enjoy blues, jazz, classical rock and some new age, they are the best. ER4SR is my little preferred over other three. I am really glad my ear can take the beaten of Etymotic IEMs.
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The ER4XR could also function as signal lamps or satellite communication devices on top of this Rubicon Jeep - with just enough room the long cable in the trunk:

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This was fun, thanks for running this competition! I had to be really careful not to let those water droplets inside the nozzle. This time of Spring is one of my favorite of the year. It's heartwarming to see the first trees begin to bloom after the bleakness of winter.



EDIT: I had to add this one as I was inspired by some of the other Lego in this post.
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Here’s 2 pics from me. A little artistic vibe.

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