Etymotic March Madness - Photo Competition
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Jun 3, 2021
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Hello Head-Fi community,

Etymotic is officially announcing the March Madness photo competition.

How do I enter?
All you need to do is share a photo of your Etymotic product in this thread. Up to 3 photos per participant please.
Important note: Etymotic may choose to use any photo posted here on their website, marketing collaterals, etc. By posting here you waive off any future copyright claims!

When can I enter?
The competition starts now, and will run until the end of March (Mar. 31 at 23:59 US Pacific time zone). Winners will be announced by April 15.

What should I post?
You can go for artistic take, comic take, or any other angle. Let your imagination roam free!
Please make sure your photos are “safe for work” or PG-13...

What are the prizes?
Etymotic EVO for best ER2/3/4 photo
Upgrade T2 cable for best EVO photo

How are winners selected?
The Etymotic team will choose their favorites, and the winner will be randomly chosen from these favorites.
So, to win you have to be good and lucky! :wink:
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Let me enter the first photo then...

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My first entry. Assuming one can post 3 different pics in 3 posts.

I know this is a photo contest but those who own these gems are seriously fortunate.


Here is my 2nd photo. added on 3/27/2022.

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The ER2XR would be my first entry. I love the hue of the blue that Etymotic went for here.
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I don't have the best camera or photography skills, but the ER3XR are the best IEMs I've ever used and I would love to try the Evo. Edit: A couple different options.



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